Mormon Lectionary Project: The Collect for Peace



Mormon Lectionary Project

The Collect for Peace

O God, whose love surpasses all understanding, we thy wandering sheep plead that thou wilt reach into our hearts and, by the power of thy Holy Spirit, give us the peace purchased in the Garden and on the Cross by Jesus Christ thy Son; bless us that we may no more rend the body of Christ with our contentions; grant us the full measure of patience and love, that we may fulfill our covenants to bear one another’s burdens, to mourn with those who mourn, and to comfort those who stand in need of comfort; pour, dear Father, into the chasms of our souls the charity according to which thou, with thy Son and the Holy Spirit, art one God, for only in the gift of that charity can we find the unity that will lead us into the eternal peace of thy everlasting kingdom.


  1. Jason K. says:

    I hope that the capaciousness of this prayer might make it useful to anyone experiencing pain or disillusionment at today’s news, but also to anyone who feels jubilation or vindication and experiences the temptation to grind the faces of fellow saints. Use this prayer or not as you see fit, but we all need God’s peace today, and I hope that we can all find it in ourselves to pray accordingly.

  2. Thank you, Jason :)

  3. Thanks, Jason. Just right. I know we’re to avoid vain repetitions, but I also find that it’s hard to find words sometimes in the midst of distress–it helps to borrow others’ words sometimes.

  4. Jason K. says:

    I know that in our Church we don’t do the prayers of the people, in which congregants get to contribute words that the minister then speaks on behalf of all. Nevertheless, let any who wish contribute such words here. I cannot pray on behalf of all, but I can pray with you.

  5. BlueJay says:

    Thanks Jason. I’ve been struggling with finding the words to pray tonight. This was right on.

  6. melodynew says:


  7. God bless you, Jason, for bringing these words to my heart today.

  8. I woke up this morning and still don’t have the words. Thank you for your words, Jason.

  9. Beautiful. Thank you.

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