A reader’s question

A number of units in my stake are having issues with a mission president who insists that baptism is needful for all. The statement “they are better off baptised than not!” has been heard by my own ears on two occasions by our soon to be departing mission president. Unfortunately, in my opinion, there have been numerous baptisms of people with very little or no understanding of the gospel. I would appreciate any thoughts the commenters have on this matter as it seems to contradict recent addresses by the brethren and the doctrines associated with the “Articles of Faith.”

New Perma!

Following his recent quintet of excellent guest posts, we are pleased to announce that Aaron R. (aka Rico) has agreed to join the Good Ship BCC as our newest permablogger.

Aaron R. brings many benefits to BCC, not the least of which is an end to Ronan’s tyrannical monopoly on sexy British accents in the bloggernacle. Therefore, please join us in welcoming Aaron R., and feel free to offer him the last chocolate in your box!

All Hail Aaron R.! [Read more...]

BCC’s Newest Permablogger

By Common Consent is pleased to announce that after nearly a year of investigation, Matt Page, aka Brother Matsby, has agreed to be baptized and confirmed a member of the BCC permabloggers. [Read more...]

George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation Fellowship

The Tanner Humanities Center’s mission is to promote humanistic research and education at the University of Utah, in the state, and in the nation. The Center sponsors an annual competitive program which promotes research by University of Utah faculty and graduate students and research by independent scholars and faculty from other institutions. See http://www.thc.utah.edu for more information. [Read more...]

Call for Papers: Mormon Media Studies Symposium

Mormon Media Studies Symposium

Sponsored by BYU Department of Communications, BYU Broadcasting, and BYU Studies [Read more...]

The 2009 BCC Mutual Admiration Society

As our Fearless Leader once said,

It is January, and with it the season of review and reminiscence is upon us. How to combine BCC’s two great loves: lording our elitism over others, and blogging? Why, by gratuitously congratulating ourselves for a year of outstanding blogging. Read on, weaklings.

In that spirit, beloved readers, esteemed friends, civic and educational leaders, and officials from the Church Office Building, we salute ourselves this day. We now instruct you to pull up a chair, pour yourself a mug of Postum, and print out copies of this post for your personal Book of Remembrance as we pat ourselves on the back for the remainder of the day.

You are welcome and encouraged to join in the praise.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[Read more...]

BCC Papers 5/1: Cranney, Josephus

Josephus and Joseph: A Brief Comparative Study of Mormon Scripture and the Antiquities of the Jews.

by Stephen Cranney [Read more...]

Sunstone Seattle – November 13

In just a few weeks, on the shores of picturesque Lake Union, Seattle will again be favored by some Mormon goodness in the forms of essays, papers, and insight. [Read more...]


Acabamos de aprender el siguiente, entregado a nuestro hombre más alto del jefe vía paloma mensajera.

donfranEn un movimiento que se ve extensamente como una tentativa de conectar con su calidad de miembro latinoamericana cada vez mayor, la iglesia anunció hoy que ha nombrado a Don Francisco, el anfitrión popular del programa premiado de UniVision Sabado Gigante TV, ser su más nuevo apóstol, hasta que finalice su conversión y bautismo. [Read more...]

Una explicación breve e innecesaria

En honor de los esfuerzos recientes de la iglesia en la creación de una nueva traducción de la biblia española, aquí en BCC hemos decidido proporcionar traducciones españolas de algunos de nuestros postes más famosos como servicio adicional a los muchos santos del Latino que, ninguna duda, venida buscando nuestro sitio ahora que la biblia se está abriendo de nuevo a ellos.

In honor of the Church’s recent efforts at the creation of a new translation of the Spanish Bible, we here at BCC have decided to provide Spanish translations of some of our most famous posts as an additional service to the many Latino Saints who will, no doubt, come looking for our site now that the Bible is being re-opened to them. [Read more...]

El Episcopo del Muerte

Le presentamos a nuestra telenovela más excelente y más famoso, traducido de las placas originales y ofrecido a usted todo gratuitamente.

We present you to our soap opera more excellent and more famous, translated of the original plates and offered to you everything free of charge.


Monjas, Monjas, Monjas!

Totalmente 100 por ciento de la redacción verdadera oficial de la iglesia.

Buenas noticias para la virtud: ¡Conventos de monjas! [Read more...]


Esto es un poste de la huésped por un sur misterioso del hermano de la frontera.

A guest post.
Cada uno está hablando de la entrada del flotador de la iglesia en la celebración de Carnaval del próximo año en Rio de Janeiro. [Read more...]

50 Conversations About One Thing, Part III (Updated)

This is Part III of three. Part I of this conversation, including a brief introduction, is here. Part II is here.

32. I just wanted to mention what I think is the most striking aspect of this conversation: [Read more...]

50 Conversations About One Thing, Part II

Part I of this conversation, including a brief introduction, is here.

17. There seems to be a generational shift at play. [Read more...]

50 Conversations About One Thing, Part I

A few of us had the pleasure of overhearing an internet conversation the other day. Here are 50 of the more interesting things we heard, which we have boiled down and made anonymous for presentation purposes. Note that this discussion is for mature audiences, and will appear in three parts. Certain words may appear a little funny as we attempt to keep the original wording intact but permit those with internet filters to enjoy the conversation — the post requires images and may not read well in RSS feeds. Comments are closed on these posts; we encourage you to talk about this conversation with your families and on your own websites and blogs. Please email us with any questions. [Read more...]

Roundtable Discussion: Evil-Speaking, Part I

A while back, a few of us — J. Stapley, Roasted Tomatoes, Steve Evans and Matt Bowman (of Juvenile Instructor fame) — got together via email to talk about what the phrase “evil speaking of the Lord’s anointed” really means. The answers will shock and surprise you! The first part of the roundtable discussion follows, below. The second part, in which Steve is reproved betimes with sharpness, will be posted in another day or so.

[Read more...]

November 1st – Sunstone NW

What’s happening on Saturday, Nov. 1? The best Mormon symposium in all of the Northwest. Topics include: [Read more...]

BCC Zeitcast 26

Season 2 Album Artwork [display_podcast]
Email recorded questions to zeitcast@gmail.com.

Home teacher an incessant nuisance, says pet-allergic apostle

Submitted by Fake Elder Wirthlin. Fake Elder Wirthlin is most definitely not an apostle.

When Latter-day Saint home teachers go to visit Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve, they usually do not take The 5 Browns to perform live in a family’s living room.

But for Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve and his home teacher, Skip Daynes, visits like these are common occurrences.

Daynes has shown up at Elder Wirthlin’s Salt Lake City home with musicians The Crimson 4, Josh Wright and The Call Sisters. [Read more...]

BCC Papers 3/1: Head, Near Eastern Beekeeping

A Brief Survey of Ancient Near Eastern Beekeeping

by Ronan James Head

[Read more...]

In Memoriam: Gordon B. Hinckley

President Hinckley was eight years old when President Joseph F. Smith died. He has, like no other Church President before, taken the Gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue and people. We thank thee, oh God, for him.


“May These Principles Be Established”: Mormonism in the Political Arena

The balance between church and state has always been a lively and sometimes contentious issue, even, and perhaps especially, in the United States, a country with long-declared freedom of religion. From the time of Joseph Smith’s presidential campaign, through the tumultuous integration of Utah into the wider American political body and up to the present day in which Mormons dot the political landscape, Mormonism has sought to define its relationship to the body politic. In the process, it has raised issues ranging from theocracy to the place of private beliefs in public policy creation. [Read more...]

Belated welcoming.

We forgot to introduce MCQ to everyone before he started posting. What can I say, it’s June.

MCQ (Mark C. Quinn) was born in Falls Church VA and grew up in Orange County, CA and Salt Lake City. He received degrees in english and law at the University of Utah and Seattle University respectively. He now practices law in a small firm he recently started in Holladay, UT order to have more time to read trashy novels, write worse fiction and waste time and money on mountain biking, Bernese Mountain Dogs and starting the world’s greatest independent record label. He has a startlingly beautiful long-suffering wife and two genius-level children.

He also provided a photo, which I will not post here as this is a family-friendly site.

BCC Papers 2/2: Barney, Elkenah

On Elkenah as Canaanite El

by Kevin L. Barney

[Read more...]

T.O.T.A.L.G.C.T Sunday

OK, Dr. Sunday School survived the poisonous darts and the gaping chasm, but now the ball will crush him!

T.O.T.A.L.G.C.T Saturday

Adios, Dr. Sunday School.

So full of it, our bloggers are Browns

Aaron Brown. Amri Brown. Tracy M (Maiden name: Brown). SMB (B is for….). And now, Mark Brown. We’re extremely proud and happy to welcome Mark Brown aboard as a permanent blogger at BCC. Infused with the power of yet another Brown, BCC inches its way towards corporate sponsorship by UPS.

BCC Zeitcast 2: It’s Pr0norific

It’s pornorific!

Download this episode here.
Mentioned in this podcast:

Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts.

BCC Papers 2/1: Brown, Orthodoxy

Encounters with Orthodoxy: Alexander Men, Modern Martyr

by Samuel Brown


With the publication of my translation of Alexander Men’s Son of Man,1 a three-year sojourn in the community of Orthodox Saints has drawn to a close. While I am glad to move on to other projects, my reminisces have taken a bittersweet turn as I think of the marked changes that have taken place in my soul and mind during this period. Over the course of the translation, I have been introduced to a theology and a post-martyrdom community that have altered my experiential understanding of Mormonism. This rich communion has made me a more committed Latter-day Saint and Christian. [Read more...]


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