Bloggernacle: Meet the Blogitorium

The Community of Christ Auditorium at night

I’m pleased to introduce you folks to a group blog that friends of mine in the Community of Christ and I have recently launched. I believe this is the first Community of Christ blog designed on the model of BCC and the many other venerable group sites of the Mormon bloggernacle. Like Times & Seasons, the Millennial Star, the Juvenile Instructor, and Keepapitchinin (among others), Saints Herald takes its name from a historic Latter Day Saint publication. Published continuously since 1860, the Community of Christ’s Herald periodical was originally entitled The True Latter Day Saints’ Herald and through most of its history was published as the Saints Herald.

Although it’s just getting started, I think there’s already a number of contributors who have posted on topics you may find of interest. [Read more...]

Lily Allen Tweets Her Way Into the Font

Why of course you know who Lily Allen is, she’s a indie-pop-rock phenomenon with no.1 singles on the UK and Australian charts, and top 10 hits in the United States. She is known for her internet presence, irreverent sense of humor and third nipple. She also recently tweeted about Mormons. [Read more...]

The Rise of LDS dot Org and the Decline of Everything Else

The title of this post is a blatant rip-off of Hugh Nibley’s The Rise of Rhetoric and the Decline of Everything Else. Nibley was working with a rather narrow definition of rhetoric and saw it simply as an insincere form of speech, what we today might call spin. It is my belief that the search function of the official Church website, combined with our native laziness, has brought about a decline in the quality of speaking and teaching in our meetings. [Read more...]

Random Sampler

As the powers that be have failed to do their hometeaching for the past couple of months (and yes, as your unofficial 2nd counsellor in your BCC elders quorum, I am calling you to repentance, Steve and Ronan), I have taken it upon myself to emulate another section of the Ensign. Or, failing that, I would like to write a series of brief notes, because I don’t have enough material at the moment for one long post. [Read more...]


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