General Conference: The protesters

A brief photo montage of some of the faces on the sidewalks during today’s conference. With each is a brief audio interview. Enjoy! [Read more...]

General Conference–Priesthood Session

Here’s something I don’t say all that often: I love President Packer’s talk! [Read more...]

Saturday Afternoon General Conference

img_1185 We continue our coverage; this post will be updated with photographs and commentary as we go. I’m starting this off but Kristine will take over once she realizes what I’ve been writing. [Read more...]

General Conference: Saturday between-session media

Family PSA, Wirthlin memorial, new Spanish language Bible, and other news.


Saturday Morning General Conference


We will be reporting and photoblogging the Morning session as it develops. For more instant updates follow us on Twitter at . [Read more...]

Yes we will be following General Conference.

I know you all were chomping at the bit to know what BCC will be doing for General Conference this year. Answer: liveblogging, reporting, photoblogging from the Conference Center, plus twitter updates and sidebar updates as we go. We are also now accepting suggestions for a good name for our coverage. So far we’re going with SPRING CONFERENCE 2009: CONFERENCE HARDER. [Read more...]

General Conference Redux

It’s been, to be perfectly candid, quite some time since I really, really enjoyed a General Conference. [Read more...]

General Conference Sunday Afternoon Open Thread

This is the end, beautiful friends.

General Conference Sunday Morning Open Thread

Featuring the Power of the Wasatch, the Cougar Marching Band!! Or not.

Saturday Afternoon General Conference Open Thread

Please post your comments below. Also, if you are a priesthood bearer, please put on a white shirt first if possible. ;)

Saturday Morning General Conference Open Thread

Please post your comments below. Also, keep it clean, people!

What I am expecting from General Conference

I generally expect one talk that will knock my socks off, two or three that will become important to me once the Ensign comes out, one or two that I will find silly for some reason or another (pickle analogy, I’m looking at you), several that don’t interest me terribly much but that will seem relatable when I read them later in the year in the Ensign.
[Read more...]

General Conference Helsinki style!

1. We’re nine hours ahead of SLC, so the morning sessions start at 7 pm here, and the afternoon sessions at 11 pm. Many people listen to or watch the morning sessions at home and go to a church building for Priesthood and Saturday afternoon session, which are shown delayed over the satellite on Sunday afternoon. Of course, Sunday afternoon session never gets shown at all, so if something really important happened in that session, we’d be the last to hear about it. (Although the zealots who stay up until 1 am listening to conference would smugly email us, I guess.) [Read more...]

Sunday Afternoon General Conference Open Thread

Last chance for them to shrink Sunday meetings to two hours! Come on, guys!!

Sunday Morning General Conference Open Thread

Ahhhh… nothing like sitting down on the couch on a Sunday. Relaxing, isn’t it? Say, anything good on TV?

Saturday Afternoon General Conference – Open Thread

I guess not that many surprises after all from this morning. Well, there’s still the afternoon! Congrats to you clairvoyeurs who foresaw correctly the new apostle.

Saturday Morning General Conference – Open Thread

Solemn Assembly time! This should prove momentous.

I Used to Speak In General Conference

It’s true, I did.  Multiple times, in fact.  And although modesty restrains me from elaborating on the difference in righteousness between those of us who are invited to speak in conference and the rest of you sinners, backsliders, and reprobates who are not, it would nonetheless behoove you to keep that difference in mind, should you ever want to disagree with or take exception to something I say.  I hope none of you tries to steady the ark by over-analyzing, nit-picking, critiquing, or wresting my words by looking beyond the mark.  We must keep the doctrine pure. 

[Read more...]

GC and Me

I have run the gamut of General Conference experiences. Growing up in England we used to watch General Conference on videotape. I remember hardly anything, except that we had these small TVs set up in the chapel that had old men talking on them. I also remember the colour brown (think old skool BCC). Whether we watched all sessions on tape or just one of them, or even a kind of Greatest Hits version, I don’t know.

Then, in the early 1990s, something amazing happened. [Read more...]

Conference and Rumors of Conference

It seems as though there are always rumors before every General Conference of big doings. Usually these rumors don’t pan out, or they turn out to be things that only meet the definition of “big” used by church bureaucrats (revising geographic area responsibilities and the like). [Read more...]

T.O.T.A.L General Conference Thread, Sunday edition

OK, it’s today, I promise…

The Only True and Living General Conference Thread (speaking of the thread collectively and not individually), Saturday edition

I have it on good authority (friend of a friend whose mother’s brother does landscaping for a Church employee) that this is the GC when they will ditch Sunday School.

Finally … A “Cool” General Conference Thread

Hordes of our devoted readers have complained that they’ve been reduced to opining about General Conference at certain lesser stars in the Bloggernacle.  We appreciate how troubling this is, and we’ve decided to make room over here for your profound insights and reactions.  Most of us BCC folks have been so wrapped up in the talks, that we’ve been unable to find the time to start a thread.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re as spiritual as we are.  :)

In any event, here’s a thread.  Conference isn’t over yet.  Penny for your thoughts.

Aaron B

General Conference

Reactions to General Conference?  Comments?  Questions?  Epiphanies?  Post Below.

G.C. play-by-play

This thread is for comments or questions we may have as General Conference rolls on around us. Let me get the ball rolling: Elder Haight’s comments, nostalgic and whimsical as they were, were still more interesting to me than Elder Oaks’ Opus on the last days. Thoughts? Post ‘em up!!


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