Those Who Are About To Blog Salute You

What can we expect from this little blog? It will likely not bring us money, fame or praise–it may make us objects of the world’s derision and alienate our family and friends. We may be denied all of the good things that this abundant earth has to offer us because we set out our convictions in an attempt to sharpen the blade of truth. We test our ideas against others, selling our thoughts in that grandest of marketplaces, in an attempt to persuade–while remaining open to persuasion. If you will not accept our ideas, accept our blog. Our mission is to harvest the wheat and separate the chaff–because we are men and because men must blog.


  1. Hear, hear. Plus we got tired of some of the more Nazi voices at the _other_ blog.

  2. I would also point out that, while yes we are all men currently blogging here, we’d hope to have some female posters as well.

  3. I’m glad to see an explicitly liberal Mormon blog. You should also see Orson’s Telescope at He’s a little left-of-center and blogs about Mormon things.

  4. Brayden: we’re glad to have you here! Based on your compass reading, you should be our King.

  5. I have a question: how do I know if I qualify as one of the nazis from “the _other_ blog”?

  6. Good question Logan! Time will tell, I’m sure.

    I think it’s not really about being liberal per se, and more about being to see more than one side to an issue without preestablished political agendas. We’re just looking to explore questions without necessarily predetermining answers for ourselves.

  7. Sounds fun — count me in. I’ll hang around and particpate as much as I can.

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