Zeezrom & the Kori-Whores

I know I’ll probably be disinvited to blog here shortly, given my propensity for beating this dead horse, but I want to advocate a change of blog name. More specifically, I want to cast my vote for “Zeezrom & Friends,” “Zeezrom & Co.,” or, best of all, the delicious little title that heads this post.

My sense is that Steve and Kaimi believe that any “Zeezrom” derivative would be too limiting. In other words, “Zeezrom” suggests a narrow legal focus for the blog that will prove inaccurate, given that “liberal Mormonness,” whatever that may prove to mean, will encompass a much broader range of issues and concerns.

I think this concern is misplaced. If anything, “Zeezrom” could signal to a potential reader nothing more than that the bloggers who dwell here are lawyers. (And with the exception of Kristine, I believe we ARE all lawyers). Further, it signals that the bloggers in question are Mormon, and that writings controversial or “against the grain” are likely to be found here (and from the perspective of your typical conservative LDS member, that’s probably true). In short, I think the blog name would succinctly and cleverly capture several aspects of this blog’s personality and focus simultaneously.

But there are other reasons for my suggestion; Imagine the following scenario:

Molly Mormon has somehow discovered T&S. She likes what she sees, and scrolls down the right side of the screen one day to see the Mormon Blogosphere links.

“Golly, this looks fun!” she exclaims. “I think I’ll go exploring. But look how many there are! I couldn’t possibly visit all these sites! I only have time to visit a couple. Which ones should I choose?”

10 bucks says Molly doesn’t choose “By Common Consent.” It’s just not catchy enough. But just imagine if “Zeezrom & the Kori-Whors” is among her options. There’s no way she’s going to miss that one! (The fact that it starts with a “Z” and so appears dead last in the list is also helpful).

“Oh my heck!” she says to herself. Zeezrom? Isn’t he an apostate character in the Book of Mormon? Is T&S linking to anti-Mormon websites? Could it be true? The suspense is killing me! I MUST find out for myself!”

And right then and there, my dear fellow bloggers, you’ve enticed another visitor to the site! Good marketing. Fame and fortune will rain down upon us all that much more quickly!

Finally, I must note that “Zeezrom & the Kori-Whors” has a very nifty 80’s rockband sound to it. Think “Josie & the Pussycats” or “Joan Jett & the Blackhearts” or “Katrina & the Waves.” Wouldn’t that just be rad? If this blogging stint doesn’t work out, we could start a band and tour the Stake Dance circuit. Cool!

But in all seriousness, the only potential negatives I see are these:

(1) Although I like it, “Zeezrom & the Kori-Whors” may be too campy/obnoxious to fit some bloggers’ personalities. It may also be inordinately silly for a blog that will probably be dedicated to many non-silly discussions. However, any other “Zeezrom” title I mentioned would tone this down sufficiently, I think.

(2) Many LDS people don’t have sophisticated senses of humor; i.e., they may not get the joke. Obviously, we don’t see ourselves as real, modern day Zeezroms, but others might take it too literally. Those inclined to dismiss Mormon liberals as apostate, heathen or backsliding may see the blog name as proof of the charges. (To HECK with them, I say).

In any event, these are my thoughts. I invite yours. (But I will tolerate neither dissent nor stupidity.) :)

Aaron B


  1. “Molly Mormon would click on the link out of curiosity. She would avoid the website.”

    That should read:

    “Molly Mormon wouldn’t click on the link out of curiosity. She would avoid the website. “

  2. Aaron, I guess it sounds campy. I mean, you’re right about it being more fun and ‘zingy’ than BCC, but BCC has a pretty good ring to it, I think, boring though it is.

    I initially didn’t like Zeezrom, Esq. for it being too limiting — plain old Zeezrom, though, doesn’t have as much pizzazz….. it’s not easy to come up with names, is it??

    A part of the problem is that we may already be too late; BCC has taken root in its current form around the web, and boring though it may be, once that starts rolling it’s tough to stop. My inherent laziness is in favor of keeping the status quo.

    Lynne: Boyd K. is right: grandpas don’t bake pies. I mean, have you ever met a grandpa that did, in fact, bake pies? Didn’t think so. Now go repent for questioning the Brethren.

  3. Aaron, I like it–I like including Zeezrom more than “Kori-Whores,” but I also can’t think of anything better. I rather like the idea of scaring off people who feel the need to make judgments about who’s apostate. Then again, I’d like to scare off more people than not–I’m more than a little nervous about putting my thoughts up in cyberspace (what if my hip, web-savvy grandma finds us?!) I’d much rather have you all sitting in my living room TALKING. With refreshments afterwards, of course!

  4. Kristine says:

    Actually I think Kori-Horse might work, in that we will inevitably end up beating at least one dead horse here at some point??

  5. Aaron Brown says:

    After a couple more days thought, I’m becoming more resigned to the idea that my original suggestion was a bit too campy (but only a bit). But I still feel like we should use “Zeezrom” in some way, or somebody else will, and we’ll become insanely jealous of them!

    By the way, has it occurred to anyone that just plain old “Zeezrom,” rather than lacking pizzazz, may actually have an air of mysterious, understated sophistication to it? Kind of like “Tikkun” or “Commentary.” Very high-brow, if you know what I mean.

    Aaron B

  6. And I’m not a lawyer…just a former social worker. Now I stay home with the babies. And I just read in our Marriage Class manual (I’m taking the marriage class so I don’t have to sub in nursery) a talk by Boyd K. The main point of his talk is: Grandpas don’t bake pies. Guess that’s part of our inherent gender differences. I hope nobody finds out about my husband doing most of the cooking around here.

  7. Hmm, Kristine doesn’t sound too negative on it — still, I’m hesitant to adopt a title that is often used as an anti-woman slur. It seems that it might make female bloggers less likely to join or post.

  8. I don’t like it.
    But I don’t have a better idea.

  9. If you wanted to go for the “band” feel, it could be

    Zeezrom Young and Kori Horse

    Hmm, I don’t know how many people today know who Neil Young is. “Well I hope Neil Young will remember, a southern man don’t need him around, anyhow . . .”

  10. In defense of the Molly Mormons you mock:
    I’ve got 54321
    I’ve got a red pair of high heels on
    In my red high heels I’ve no control
    The rigors of opression are so old
    you can do what you like
    there’ll be no reprisal
    I’m yours, yes I’m yours
    It’s my means of survival

  11. Karen, there are man-whores too. Did you ever see Deuce Bigalow? I wouldn’t get too hung up on gender distinctions — once we enter “whore” territory, nobody exactly is taking the high ground…

  12. Molly Mormon would click on the link out of curiosity. She would avoid the website. May even close down her browser and turn off her computer. Something that would appear evil is worse than evil to many of them.

  13. My computer at home crashed, so I’ve been out of touch with you all for the weekend. (Frankly a relief….) :o)

    No seriously, may be late, but can I please put my two cents in here as the sole female/lawyer blogger? More people would think of me as a Kori-whore than a Zeezrom, given my gender, and I just can’t handle that. So all you guy lawyers would be Zeezroms, and I’d be the sole Kori-whore…

    It would be like having many Gladys Knights, and just one Pip….no pizazz my friends…

    Not to mention the whole *hey, I don’t want to be called a whore* argument… (Thank you Kaimi for being more high brow about referring to it as “a title that is often used as an anti-woman slur.” Ya’ll get the point though….)

    And just to fend off all the “hey you have no sense of humor comments.” I defy your description, and declare myself funny.

  14. p.s. Aaron, I love it how you’re working under the impression that we’re somehow going to make money from this blog thing. Forget it! We are all hopeless liberal losers! Does Nader seem rich to you? Does D. Michael Quinn? Come on, man! The best we could hope for are some coupons for 25 cent bearclaws at Smith’s or Ream’s.

  15. Plus it’s far too late to recall all the T-shirts I’ve ordered. It says “Bcc:” on the front, and “By Common Consent” on the back with our motto in smaller letters.

    No, I don’t really have them, but as I’m thinking about it they sound really fun! Maybe I should make them up….

    Well now, I AM concerned about increasing our hits from Molly Mormons. Maybe we could link to some My Little Pony sites, or maybe post up the lyrics to Saturday’s Warrior?

  16. Aaron Brown says:

    Point taken that the name may be too campy.

    I also wondered if some thought it would be too “apostate,” or perhaps just too stupid.

    I guess my bottom line is that I think a blog name should be succinct, but at the same time…

    (1) witty;
    (2) convey significant information about the identity of the bloggers and/or tone of the blog; and
    (3) catchy in a way that will draw visitors and stay in their memory.

    I think that BCC doesn’t meet criteria 1 and 3, and meets 2 only in a rather obscure way.

    Nevertheless, if no one is animated enough to make the switch (or any other switch), I suppose I can deal with it.

    Aaron B

    P.S. I hate you! I hate you all!!!

  17. So, who would be Zeezrom and who would be the Kori-Whores? I want that question fully briefed before making any rash decisions. . .

  18. Aaron Brown says:

    Steve — As I recall, Nader revealed during his last election run that he had some $3.8 million in tech stocks. Quinn, on the other hand, must have made a bundle off _Same-Sex Dynamics_. I mean, who do you know who HASN”T read that book? :)

    Kaimi — I was and am agnostic on the question who would make the best Zeezrom, and who would make the best whores. Perhaps if someone could direct us to a “Whor Compass,” we could measure these things scientifically and pick a Zeezrom by process of elimination.

    Aaron B

  19. Steve: Pie baking gandpas should stop their obviously gender bending ways. If not, righteous non-baking heterosexual men should take a swing at them to stop their gay advances. Especially if they also sing in barbershop quartets.