No hanging chads!

Our first ever BCC: Poll. Cast your votes now!

[NOTE: This was a poll that related to why the Priesthood Session of Conference is not broadcast over TV/Radio/Internet.]


  1. A couple of comments.

    1. I believe BYU TV is streaming live video and audio.

    2. I believe the purpose for not putting Priesthood Session online is to make sure the priesthood holders meet together. Quorum unity and all that.

    3. I chose the second option simply because it was closest to what I actually was going to do. I will be watching all of Sunday, Saturday morning and Priesthood sessions.

  2. BTW, the option for golf could be anything else, too: knitting, praying in a circle, cleaning the house…

  3. Hey, what can I say? I’m a sacrificer. ;-)

    Actually, I have to miss one of the sessions on Saturday to make a 4 hour rehearsal.

    I didn’t pick #1 because I don’t watch tapes betweens essions.

  4. I should probably also clarify that if you’re attending Priesthood and one Sunday session, you’d probably pick option 3… but there are too many permutations out there. How many sessions do they really need, anyhow?

  5. Kim, you fanatic — you should’ve chosen option #1. Is there really that little to do in Lethbridge on the weekends?

  6. So I’m not sure how well this polling script works, so here goes nothing…

  7. Sweeet! Thanks for that tip on the BYU TV video stream! I was resigning myself to audio only once again…

  8. Thank goodness for satellite and the internet- no longer do you have to make an appearance at the stake center, (and you can still read the Ensign later)

  9. Too bad though that they’ve gotten rid of the streaming video feed — that was the best thing going!

    Why don’t they put the Priesthood session on the internet? Anyone know? It sure seems to lend an air of secrecy to it…