New webpoll!

This one goes out to all my iron-rodder homies out there.

Update: I’ve since heard complaints that my options aren’t any good, that the poll doesn’t describe reality, etc., etc. All I can say is, if you want a job done right…


  1. “All is chaos” is swiftly rising in the ranks. Soon the maelstrom will consume the blogpoll.

  2. Dave,

    All it would take is an article in Meridian about blogs (next to holocaust denial, perhaps?), and all hell would break loose.

  3. Dear Prudence,

    You are of course absolutely right. My blog was a test to see which of us would go to Hell. The answer, obviously, is everyone so far.

  4. Here’s a good discussion on this very topic:

  5. I’m an idiot. I voted “Anything the church says” when I meant to vote “All is Chaos.”


  6. Interesting that no one so far picked “Anything the Church says is doctrine to me”… I would’ve thought some people saw it that way.

  7. Once again, please feel free to suggest different answers in the comments. As in all blog polls, this one is inherently unsatisfying.

  8. Steve, no doubt there’s a Silent Majority who would would choose “Anything the Church says is true,” I just don’t think they have made it to the Mo-Blog yet. I think we’ll notice it when they do.

  9. The “malleable” pick is the clear winner. It’s the most non-committal and reasonable-sounding of all the picks, to be sure. But I think if we were to discuss this issue in terms of concrete examples (say, the prophet’s counsel on getting out of even ultra-low interest debt), we might see a little more fragmentation.

  10. Well, I for one think you’re all going to Hell in a bucket for not picking the right answer — #1. I look forward to waving down to you from my Celestial bliss while you’re writhing in an eternal agony of fire, brimstone, and regret of your own making!

    Prudence McPrude