New Poll!


[NOTE: This was a poll related to suggestions for formatting and functionality suggestions/changes.]


  1. “The #1 thing I’d like is something to just post up the 1st 250 words of a post on the main page, with the rest on the page for the individual post.”

    I agree. I’d also like to have more management over the comments.

    Two things that convinced me to switch were no pop-ups for comments and comments embedded on the idividual pages. There were some back-end features that looked sweet, too, and I am a fan of other work by the template creators, so I had to use one.

  2. Cipher in the Snow is a classic. Anytime a person acts like a martyr or was too self-pitying, my sister would say “Oh… how’s our little Cipher in the Snow?” Every time I’d hear that it would crack me up.

    But it’s most fun to make fun of (though it isn’t weepy, just cringy) The Phone Call with the bassoon player who is trying to get a date with the girl next door. Yikes!

  3. D., you haven’t seen The Mailbox?? Oh, my. That’s a big gap in your film repertoire. The first three films on the list are mid-70s BYU films, and all are amazing pieces. Cipher in the Snow just makes me chortle evilly thinking about it.

    I’ve seen “And Should We Die”, and it’s good, but not melodramatic enough, IMHO.

    Johnny Lingo?? Kaimi, that’s not weepy at all (unless you’re sad about the pathetic Mr. Harris).

  4. Dave — there have already been some subtle format changes to BCC, most notably with the updating of our profiles. I’ve been debating switching BCC over to Blogger’s new proprietary commenting system, but I’m afraid we’d lose the ‘recent comments’ feature, which I quite like. Otherwise, I may tweak things a little to get a better interface.

    Why, are you saying there’s something wrong?? What would you like to see? Keep in mind we’re not working with Movable Type here…

  5. Don’t worry, Kris, you never had any cred around here to start with. :)

    And why isn’t Freddy Kruger’s Christmas on the list? It even has a bona-fide movie star!

    I think this poll topic is just far too big for the limited number of choices you’ve given us.

  6. erg… forgot last night. I’ll do it tonight, sorry. Where did you find it, anyhoo?

  7. D. Fletcher says:

    I haven’t seen any of these.

    And Should We Die?

    BYU movie from the 60s.

  8. I like the slickness of Kim’s new template. I’m thinking about trying some different shaded backgrounds or something… but frankly, there’s not much more we could really do here. The #1 thing I’d like is something to just post up the 1st 250 words of a post on the main page, with the rest on the page for the individual post.

    And actually, don’t we embrace principles of INtolerance?

  9. I’ll throw in a write-in vote for John Baker’s Last Race.

    PS – Everyone in the Bloggernacle seems to be tinkering with comments and format changes this week. Anything coming down the turnpike for Bcc?

  10. Kristine says:

    I’m about to destroy any last shreds of credibility I ever had:

    When I was a freshman in high school, we watched “I’ll Build You a Rainbow” in seminary one morning. My English teacher finally sent me home during 5th period (around *noon*) because I could not stop bursting into tears every 5 minutes or so.

    And when the missionaries show those old Homefront spots one after another at baptisms? Forget it–I am totally wrecked *every time.* Sniffling, sobbing, red-nosed disaster. I can be right in the middle of doing snide MS2000 commentary on them, and start crying in spite of myself. I *hate* it!!

  11. Johnny Lingo!!!

  12. p.s. John Baker’s Last Race is GREAT. I’d also put “The Gift” in there, but frankly those farms stories never did much for me.

  13. Speaking of which … Steve — when are you going to put up my picture in the profiles?

    Aaron B

  14. Steve, actually I think the functionality here is pretty good–I like the recent comments link too. I think you should at least wait a few weeks and see how other sites fare with the new Blogger comments feature before considering it. “Our Thoughts” is using the new Blogger comments, for example.

    [slipping into corporate PR mode] . . . But whatever the platform and features, the real strength of Bcc is our talented and dedicated staff, who embrace the time-tested principles of liberality, tolerance, and non-stupidity.

  15. The guy who wrote & performed “I’ll build you a rainbow” was in our ward growing up. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen the movie, but I’ve heard him sing it at a lot of firesides.
    I think the kid’s name is Jamie?? He wrote the song when his daughter Jamie was in the hospital or something. Very nice family. Sappy song, but it was the 70’s…

    The Gift has been a great tool in our home to inspire our young boys to look for ways to help or surprise their parents. Very inspiring. It didn’t make them weep, though.

    Speaking of weeping, our kindergartener came home from school kind of sad. He said he didn’t want to talk about it because every time he did, “…my eyes, you know…” Finally, when he felt he was ready to talk about it, he just said, in a very matter-of-fact way, “It seems that Luke is not my friend anymore.” It’s enough to make my eyes want to, you know…

  16. There were LOTS of maudlin films to choose from. These are the classics. Please add ones you think I’ve missed!

  17. They don’t emotionally manipulate like they used to. There is a certain honesty about brazenly twisting the knife like they do in earlier church films. Today’s films are more insidious. By that I don’t mean to imply evil intent — just to say that in their efforts to heighten the ‘realism’, all they’ve done is make the emotional twists more difficult to identify.

  18. What do you mean, “Where did I find it?” My mom took that picture of me in 7th grade. (Actually, I went to Google Images and typed in “silly.” It was on the first page…)

    Aaron B

  19. Why didn’t you say so?? You can put your picture up yourself — edit your profile, and insert

    where it asks for a Photo URL. That’s it! I can’t do it for you, but since the image is already on the internet you can do it pretty easily.