Two polls in one day – Yowza!

Your chance to sound off about the demigod of Mormon authors:


  1. Folk of the Fringe was my fav. Come one…I would have thought that the folks here at BCC would enjoy seeing the worldly institution of the LDS church turned corrupt in a post-Holocaust world. :) [j/k!!! i’m only referring to the comments re: how the institutional church falls so short of what folks here would like to see]

    Personally, I just finished reading his “lovelock” yesterday, re: an ‘enhanced’ cuppichin (sp?) monkey who gains sentience/will to be free his ‘species’ from slavery to humans. really fun read.

  2. I quite like his “Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus”
    He gives a plausible reading of a limited flood, and just tells a good story.

  3. I’ve heard for ages that an Ender’s Game movie is supposed to come out. While I am not as devoted a fan of Orson Scott Card as others, I was definitely interested in this one. Anyone out there hear anything about this recently?

  4. Perhaps they’re referring to his obnoxious editorials on Beliefnet?

  5. So what’s the “Other” that everyone keeps voting for? Did I miss an obvious choice or two when I drew up the list?

  6. William Morris says:

    The other I voted for is both _The Worthing Saga_ and _Hart’s Hope_.

    Director Wolfgang Peterson is attached to the movie. OSC is working with a studio and writers on a rewrite of the script. While it’s anyone’s guess how soon (or even if) the movie will be made. It’s at a level of “in the works” that’s much, much closer to reality than it has been in the past.

  7. Yeah, the movie’s been “in the works” for years. Hopefully someday it will actually be made…

    The “Other” I voted for was The Worthing Saga. Other fine candidates, IMO, are Lost Boys and Saints.

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