The Catholics are coming!! The Catholics are coming!!

Well, to be honest, the Catholic (singular) is coming. That’s right boys and girls … Father Hans has decided to guest-blog with us. For those who don’t know (or remember) who Father Hans is, refresh yourselves here by scrolling down to “Ecumenicalism run amok?”. I’m not going to bother providing additional biographical information for now, as I hope my prior post has given you sufficient taste of who Hans is. After his brief stint with us at BCC, the plan is that he will answer “12 Questions” over at Times and Seasons.

(It is expected, of course, that all BCC regulars will then roll their eyes and moan about how the T&S crowd is so creatively bankrupt, and how pathetic it is that they have to piggyback on BCC’s fresh ideas and impressive brainpower. In fact, feel free to start the carping in the comments section forthwith!) :)

Before Hans posts (he’s probably still a week away from doing so), I wanted to point out two important facts:

(1) Hans is not interested in getting into heated arguments with anyone. He wants a completely civil exchange. Given the novelty of who he is, I don’t think it should be too difficult to come up with things to say within these parameters.

(2) Hans does not have a computer. Therefore, do not expect him to respond directly to your comments. After a time, I will relay any comments to him, and he will then respond through me.

Horribly inefficient, I know. But there it is.

Aaron B


  1. Aaron, does your email purposely not work? I wanted your feedback on a post I did at, but your messages seem to be bouncing back.

  2. Aaron, this is kind of exciting. It’s like having Obi Wan Kenobi drop in for a visit. Just the fact that he doesn’t have a computer makes him a sort of living relic from the mystical past.

  3. Aaron Brown says:

    Does Father Hans really exist, or is he just one of my imaginary friends? For me to know and you to not find out. :)

    Aaron B

  4. Aaron Brown says:

    I got the email, Bob. I’ll respond over there shortly.

    Incidently, yes, my hotmail account is often full, so stuff often gets bounced back. I’m going to open one of those gmail accounts shortly, so I shouldn’t have any more problems.

    Aaron B

  5. I look forward to seeing whatever Fr. Hans has to say. My wife and I (mainstream Catholics) were married by an Old Catholic bishop who was a friend of hers, and I’ve found a wisdom in him that I often don’t see in our own priests.

    I can understand Fr. Hans’s interest in Mormonism; LDS theology and history are endlessly fascinating to a Catholic. Given that the LDS Church began and grew in a culturally Protestant mileu, it’s amazing how many ways we converge where you wouldn’t expect to. Looks a lot like the hand of God to me, but what do I know? :)

  6. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain:)

  7. Uh, and we all remember that Obi Wan was a master of the Force, greatly admired by all except the bad guys.