New Poll!

UPDATE: The new calling will be posted in a couple of hours… time to place your bets and see how accurate your discernment really is!

No cheating! If you already know the answer, please supply a sardonic comment with a fake calling.



  1. Charles says:

    Am I the only guy with a calling to provide the centerpiece for Elder’s Quorum?

  2. Hah! Nothing can stop the Prada-ites.

  3. I heard you were the next teacher of part two of the Marriage and Family Relations class: “Parents’ Responsibilities to Strenghten Families.”

  4. Aaron Brown says:

    I sure hope you’re Ward Mission Leader, Steve. Then we can compare stories….

    Aaron B

  5. I’ll post the answer this afternoon…get your guesses in now!!

  6. Neat, to see another Steve in Primary.

  7. Pradas? What about Jimmy Choo? And Manolo Blanik? :)

    (Actually, I just know those names from Sex and the City. In real life, I wouldn’t know a Manolo Blanik if it hit me in the head).

  8. Well, you’ve got the “white” part right . . .

  9. Yes Sam, you hit the nail on the head. My first lesson is “Children – the other white meat.”

  10. You would know them from their outrageous price tag and total absence of comfort. We went window-shopping a few months back and they were ridiculous.

    Prada at least makes (more) sensible footwear. You could make your own at home, though. Try this, kids: take a pair of Rockports and put a little red stripe on the back heel, about 1/2″ inch long. Pra-da!

  11. D. Fletcher says:

    Your job, should you choose to accept it, will be to activate all homosexuals in the ward, and convince them to come to Church without their Prada heels.