And the winners are….

Some of you may remember last week’s Contest for the best blog ideas. After some long and arduous deliberations, we’re pleased to announce our winners!

Winner, best blog post idea:
Ryan Bell, with his “Super Size Me” idea:

“First, the two inspirations for the idea. You may have heard of the movie “Supersize Me.” For those that haven’t, it’s a documentary in which a man eats every meal, three times a day, at McDonalds, for an entire month. It documents his health and the changes his body makes throughout the month, as a sort of longitudinal experiment on what McDonald’s food does in high doses, to the human body.

Second inspiration: Gary Cooper’s post at Doctrinal:net on studying the scriptures intensely. Specifically, Gary writes that on his mission he was able (I do not know how) to read the scriptures for four to six hours a day, which resulted in an extremely heightened spirituality, including the receipt of many revelations.

So here’s the idea: I’m going to mix the two. I’m going to go on a diet of pure Book of Mormon, allowing no other optional inputs in my life. Meaning: outside of work and encounters with actual people, I will not have anything put into my brain besides the Book of Mormon. For a month I won’t watch TV, won’t read anything else, won’t do movies, music (except background sacred), or internet (besides blogs). Every spare moment when I don’t need to be doing something else will be spent reading from the Book of Mormon. It will be a month of pure Book of Mormon.

During and after the diet, I will report on the experience.”

And Winner, best blog tech update idea:
Dave Underhill, who submitted many great ideas, the best of which was:

“Consider giving each poster their own short link list, i.e. “Steve’s Links” or “John’s Links” where each can put their own favorite sites about absolutely anything. Encourages diversity, creates links, gives posters something to blog about.”

Please join me in congratulating our winners and their fantastic ideas! I will contact them each today regarding their hard-won Gmail accounts, and implementing their ideas.


  1. Kingsley says:

    Ah, thank you. So Ryan’s only danger is that he may become a *son* of the Church Pres.

  2. Kingsley says:

    Congrats, Ryan. I remember hearing a story about one of the GAs (Pres. Benson?) who, when he was leaving for the summer & had piled his suitcase high with books, was advised by his grandfather to “leave all those behind, & just take one book”–the Book of Mormon. & of course he did, & of course his life was never the same afterward. So look out: becoming Pres. of the Church could be an unintended side-effect of your diet!

  3. I don’t think Ryan’s actually going to eat the BoM, though that’s an admittedly interesting take on ‘feasting on the word’. I’ve often wondered if the inks used in mass-produced BoMs would prove fatal if ingested, like the cheap envelopes George Costanza bought his fiance…

  4. D. Fletcher says:

    I’m mostly interested in Ryan’s project to see if he’ll lose weight in the process. If so, it’s the BoM diet for me!

    Of course, if he gains weight…

  5. Kingsley,
    It was Reed A. Benson, President Benson’s son who was going away for the summer. President Benson was actually the one giving the advice. At least that’s how Reed A. Benson tells the story on a talk tape in my possession.

  6. Still, an intimidating thought. I’ll be very careful not to share any spiritualizing effects of my project with my dad.

  7. Thanks, Steve! As I’ve informed Steve, my series won’t be starting until I have some time to put into my little project (and can come up with a catchy name, too!). Anyway, watch for it in a few weeks, probably.