New Poll!

OK, let’s settle this once and for all.

[Note: This was a poll asking about what exactly polygamy was all about.]


  1. D, there is such a thing as taking a poll too seriously. Some might argue that polygamy was a divine test (not I), but no one is going to argue that a Bcc Poll is a divine test . . . so just throw caution to the wind, and cast your vote!

    If you must explain your vote to keep a clear conscience before God and Bcc, the comments are here to serve you. Think of the comments as an extra credit essay portion of the exam, where you can say something clever about the question to impress the teacher or fellow students.

    For example, I was stunned by John H’s one-sentence comment describing polygamy as a “sincere attempt to bring about the restoration of all things.” That’s certainly the label some hold out for it, but the term “sincere” strikes me as particularly inappropos given the long record of dissimulation and dishonesty by early Mormon leaders on the subject. I’m curious what events or statements lead John to describe the whole polygamy episode as “sincere.”

  2. D., if you choose not to vote, then BCC will determine your beliefs for you by virtue of this poll. So far, your ancestors made a big mistake.

  3. D., that’s not controversial, it’s the essence of Mormonism in that it presents the tests of divine inspiration and prophetic leadership.

  4. D. Fletcher says:

    How about a category “horrible for the men”?

    I couldn’t possibly vote here. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for polygamy. I wouldn’t be related to Heber J. Grant if it weren’t for polygamy. My grandmother wouldn’t have been alive except for polygamy. I loved my grandmother.

  5. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking this poll seriously, even if the poll itself is light-hearted and whimsical in its own way. I put it together as a way of approaching polygamy and expressing views without necessarily having to justify answers. The drawback, of course, is that polls don’t allow for nuanced answers, which is why (I predict) “all of the above” will be the winner.

    I guess the question that bothers me is, how does the polygamy debate really affect modern LDS doctrine? Isn’t it gone?

  6. I love that “all of the above choice”. That really helps to settle it “once and for all.” :)

  7. I REALLY wish you would have put “none of the above”!!!!

    Or maybe “other” category–you could write your own rationalization for such madness.

  8. D. Fletcher says:

    I said I was serious.

    I guess I think it’s easy to dismiss polygamy with an amusing poll. My current mood, though, would prevent me from participating. In all ways, I am not amused (at the moment).

  9. I’d argue for another option: A sincere attempt to bring about the restoration of all things that quickly became a big mistake.

  10. D. Fletcher says:

    I’m in a bad mood today, can you tell?

  11. D. Fletcher says:

    So polygamy was just a divine test? Did we pass it?

  12. D. Fletcher says:

    Something very serious and controversial — look away if this hurts you.

    We can take polls about polygamy until we’re blue in the face, but it happened, and it’s still around. Curiously, many of us “hate” polygamy itself, while frequently testifying to the divinity and inspiration of the man who “restored” it to the earth. Any irony in that?

  13. judy brooks says:

    Something’s wrong with a survey that concludes that only 1% of women were unhappy in polygamy.

  14. Sorry Judy, but all poll results are definitive and doctrinally sound.

  15. Well, I was going to put in a “none of the above” but then everybody would’ve picked that option.

    Again, the purpose of this poll, as with our other BCC polls, is to set the doctrinal notions in stone. The entire church shall be bound by our voting here. Consider this an online version of “the usual sign”, only this time your votes count!

  16. D. Fletcher says:

    Yeah, I was trying to do the same thing.

    If one believes polygamy is bad, bad for people, and perhaps un”inspired,” then how can one ignore it when approaching Joseph Smith, today?

    Revelation restoring polygamy and revelation repealing polygamy is simply too easy.