Zeezrom revisited

Once upon a time, I politely suggested we change the name of this site to “Zeezrom and the Kori-Whores.” I was callously and rudely rebuffed by my cruel, heartless co-bloggers here at BCC. (sniff!)

Well, I’ve got a new argument to add to the pile: If we keep our name, we might get confused with the official newsletter of the Mormon Alliance!

Solution: Take my original advice … or perhaps invite Lavina Fielding Anderson and/or Janice Allred to guest-blog?

Aaron B


  1. Kingsley says:

    Aaron B, I think “Kori-Whore” is a name that could easily find its way into popular usage in the Church as a witty, fun, inoffensive way of referring to female intellectuals who have apostatized. All you need is for one Women’s Conference speaker to use it repeatedly in a clear, ringing voice, maybe staring directly into the camera once in a while to ask seriously, but with a gentle smile: “Are *you* a Kori-Whore?” Pure gold.

  2. Actually, I always thought if there was a liberal guy in the Book of Mormon, it was Zeniff. Zeniff sees what is good about the Lamanites and actually ends up fighting Nephites to stop them from going to war against the Nephites. He’s just unusual among the Nephite personalities of the book for the perspective he has. Plus he’s overzealous … and that’s two z’s for alliteration.

    Maybe a name like “Zeal of Zeniff” or “Zealous Zeniff” would do? I dunno.

    One of the questions I like to ask to tweak people (particularly my Dad, who is very very conservative) is to try and guess which Book of Mormon personalities would be Republicans and Democrats. Maybe it’s time for you guys to go through a similar exercise. Find the most liberal righteous Book of Mormon character and then somehow integrate that into a name(?).

    Or maybe not.

  3. As one who has been called Kori-whore by my brothers, sisters, and the cruel kids in sunday school and seminary– I thought I would chime in. Yes, I *am* a Kori-Whore, but I have yet to apostatize. :-)

  4. I noticed this a while back as well–but thought that there was worse company with which we could be associated.

  5. J Nielson says:

    I usually just read here without commenting, but I think it is a little strange for a self-proclaimed liberal mormon blog to be calling itself BCC. Seriously, the first thing I associate with BCC is from the email form: “Blind Carbon Copy”

  6. Kingsley, that was awesome. I am going to have my mother record that as my Windows startup sound.

    Good to have you visit the ‘true’ blog once in awhile, BTW.

  7. Kingsley says:

    Kori: Please, please don’t. We need whores of all kinds in the Church. I, for example, am T&S’s autograph whore, and feel the blog is a richer, more diverse place because of it.

    Steve: Thanks. That’s a great idea, i.e. the Windows startup sound. It would also make a good alarm clock sound.

  8. Kristine says:

    Lavina would be a great guest-blogger! Alas, she’s spending the summer in a cabin with no phone, let alone cable modem :)

  9. Oh, for the tweaking to actually work, you have to ask which righteous Book of Mormon characters were Republicans and which righteous Book of Mormon characters were Democrats. Otherwise the partisans will simply assign all the Nephis as Replubicans and all the Amalickiahs as Democrats (or vice versa, depending on what party you favor).