A Special Welcome to Our Rumspringa Friends

An increasing portion of our traffic here at BCC has been via Google searches that include the term “rumspringa.”  For example, a search for “rumspringa amish biography” shows BCC solidly in fifth place.  I would like to extend a special greeting to those seeking further knowledge of our Amish teenage friends, running free in their early adulthood.  This is doubtlessly the result of the upcoming UPN reality show, “Amish in the City.”  Perhaps you have come seeking a tie to your own personal rumspringa days.  Perhaps you have come seeking photos of amish girls gone wild.  No matter: we welcome you!  Take this opportunity to learn more about liberal mormons while you’re here, and ask all the questions you like.  Perhaps you’d be interested in reading the mormon equivalent of Amish in the City.

p.s. a special thanks to Aaron B. and to Jeremy for spearheading BCC’s rumspringa-thon.  I promise this wasn’t an intentional googlebombing attempt, unlike others I’ve seen.


  1. I see that since publishing our rankings in Google for rumspringa have only declined. Oh well.

  2. D. Fletcher says:

    Is that really true, Steve? I never heard that.

    Witness isn’t a bad movie, but it isn’t great. It’s got that terrible music score, for one thing.

  3. Of course, Witness involves one of the most unfortunate translation accidents in the history of film. For the French version, “Amish” was replaced with “Mormon” and set missionary efforts back decades. To this day people confuse the two.

    In terms of the reality show, it’s of course the ultimate voyeurism to watch young, naive, virginal amish folk become corrupted by Sin City. It’s nasty stuff, but I’m sure it’s highly entertaining (though not as much as Outback Jack). I believed they tried something similar by following mormon missionaries around, but it was far too boring.

  4. Steve, maybe if you called it a “rumspringa-thong” you’d get a few more hits.

    This Amish in the City thing should be interesting. I don’t know quite what to think of secular, sex-obsessed Americans sitting around their television sets voyeuristically watching religious, chaste (or at least modest) teenagers encounter the sensual smorgasboard of the 21st century. Irony runs deep here.

    On the positive side, if it’s a hit maybe they’ll get around to making Witness II. Witness easily qualifies as my favorite Amish movie of all time.

  5. The same thing happened in Italian too- people always asked us why we weren’t wearing black hats and beards!

  6. Yep, it’s really true, and made for some rough going in France when I was over there. The French like to use ‘mormon’ to refer to any weird American-related religion.

    Of course, I’d need to get my hands on an older version of Witness to confirm all this.. it’s been awhile but heaven knows it was a headache.

    Amen to the really bad music in Witness. But it has the best death-by-grain scene of any movie I know.