Fun Friday Poll!

Because you were looking for something fun to do on a Friday afternoon.


  1. Dave, you’re so wrong. As grand chief, Onadagus would keep his stone-like expression, especially for all this hoopla over some whitey Lamanite.

  2. john fowles says:

    Fun to vote on that. John H had my vote. Great discussion here and at T&S on that–it quickly rose to one of the threads with the most comments on it.

  3. Good to see a poll again. It’s been a little while. [Hrmmm… when will I get polls implemented at my site?! I dunno].

  4. Jeez Steve, that’s kind of sobering. Makes you think about the definition of “new” though. I haven’t really heard new information for a few years, but I’ve heard old information presented in new ways that makes me re-evaluate. I’ve also heard new false doctrine, which is always fun, but not so inspiring…

  5. John H goes head to head with the dews of heaven . . . and is winning! Quite a compliment, I think.

    I gave John H my vote because it signals the Bloggernacle as a source of the new information. Say, I never posted the link, did I? It has nothing to do with Zelph or with Mormonism.

    And has anyone noticed the T&S Zelph threat is now on the short “Most Popular Posts” threat with about 130 comments? He’s not gay marriage, but Zelph has obviously struck a responsive chord within the Bloggernacle. Zelph would be proud. Even Onandagus might have cracked a smile.

  6. Unfortunately this means that the “dews of heaven” thing will probably win the poll, because it is different from the others, which speak to information-transfer. Oh well.

    p.s. did you guys happen to see the results from the polygamy poll? It’s official: polygamy was… a big mistake! It narrowly beat out the “all of the above” option.

  7. Yeah, when I first thought of it I was thinking in terms of new information, but that got really depressing (back to rumspringa days for me) — so I threw in the “dews of heaven” thing as a bone to those who believe that “learning the Gospel” is a life-long journey, etc., etc…..

    New false doctrine IS always fun, as is ward gossip. Inspiring is in the eye of the beholder in that respect.


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