Elder Haight Passes

Elder Haight passed away this morning of causes related to old age. When I mentioned his death to my mother she asked me if I was sure he wasn’t just taken up. I will remember him for his soothing demeanor, his sense or humor and his frequent references to Ruby.

In his last conference talk he had the following to say:

I understand the power of prayer and of faith and of devotion, and I acknowledge precious witnesses from heaven. And so I stand here today just to bear my testimony and say hello to you. I’m hoping that by another conference I’ll be totally healed and able to do what I’m asked to do.

I will miss this gentle servant of God.


  1. Kristine says:

    I’ll miss Elder Haight, too. There was a time in my life when I felt so hurt by things church leaders had done that I could hardly stand to go to Conference, but when Elder Haight stood up and just told a story from his youth, I could stop seeing dogmatic and oppressive authority figures and see that many (most) of the GAs are kindly older men, trying to make sense of a world that has changed in so many ways since they were young, and trying to help us see what doesn’t change and what is worth keeping.

  2. Dad Evans says:

    Many years ago, I was being interviewed by the Director of LDS Church Public Affairs in Salt Lake for a position with the group. While chatting, the telephone rang and we were interrupted while the Director took the call. Upon hanging up he informed me that the call was from Elder David B. Haight who wanted to meet with him and suggested that the three of us have lunch together. Since our meeting was nearly concluded, we left the office in the multi-storey Church Administration building and went down to the garage level and walked across and then up into the offices of the quorum of the twelve. I was introduced to the newest member of the twelve, Elder Dallin Oaks, who had recently be called from his position as President of BYU to become a member of the twelve.

    We then walked down a corridor and entered the office of David B. Haight who greeted us warmly and asked us to sit and talk for a while around his large desk. This lasted for some time. I had visions of later going to lunch with this revered man in some very special dining room reserved only for the members of the twelve and their guests. The talk went on for another 10 to 15 minutes when Elder Haight said ” Well, let’s have lunch.”

    He forthwith down at the side of his desk and lifted up three modest sized brown paper bags and proceeded to display the contents, freshly made sandwiches on the top of his desk. It was a delightful meal and an experience that taught me a great deal about the humble and simple nature of those called to serve at the head of this great Church. This event has also always been a firm reminder of how humble and simple the Saviour was when he fed the 5,000 and how his teachings and exemplary life remain so profound and important to all mankind.

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