‘Dear Abby’ , the anti-Mormon

A recent column by Ms. Buttinsky herself threatens the very core of LDS dating relationships! Now I have the “Will I Wait For You” bit from Saturday’s Warrior stuck in my head. At least she encouraged young Johnny to go on his mission…


  1. All I cna say is that I am glad I dumped my girlfriend early in my mission. That action alone probably saved me thousands of dollars in divorce costs.

  2. Amen to that, Jeremy…

    You know, my bro-in-law had someone that waited for him. A very interesting romantic situation, I think, this whole “waiting” business. My wife’s roommate at the Y was waiting for someone, but she totally dated & made out like gangbusters with other guys. Then, remarkably enough, her missionary came home and she married him! What a Church! (note to self: must find LDS Yakov Smirnoff equivalent)

  3. Back to the topic at hand: (presumably mormon) freaks who get engaged before completing puberty.

    There was a sister missionary in my mission who, ISYN, posed with her sweetie for engagement pictures before she came on her mission. She was thus able to distribute her wedding announcements about a month before returning from the mission field, and get married within days of her return. She even brought a wedding invitation to her last district meeting.

    Come to think of it, I think she was from Idaho. Or maybe it was Manti.

  4. Davis, how erudite. Clearly your acumen is the very essence of our little world. Thank you for the gestalt.

    p.s. that was me trying to be a pseud-intellectual.

  5. Dear Abby is totally a pseudo-intellectual.

  6. I didn’t realize that was the MO for Idahoans- to propose that early with the stipulation of a mission. Must be a very small town.

  7. I miss the real Dear Abby (she has Alzheimer’s and handed on the column to her daughter in 1987). I very seldom agree with the daughter, but this time I suspect she’s more or less right. The issue, ISTM, isn’t so much the mission as a religiously mixed marriage. If she doesn’t believe in the tenets of the LDS Church, and marries into a tough situation to begin with (husband on a mission), what kind of odds would YOU want to give on the marriage surviving?

  8. I’ve heard of wannabe-intellectuals, but wannabe-psuedo-intellectuals?

    . . .and Steve Evans opens what looks insurmountable lead in the “race to the bottom.”


  9. The “before puberty” bit was an exaggeration, of course. Though as I recall this missionary and her beau were committed to the “first kiss over the alter” doctrine, so I imagine there were some emotional and hormonal developments yet to take place. And, by the way, it was a married-at-22-and-6-months-and-about-four-days-Sister -Missionary. Which was sort of my point.

    And if you’re on thematic congruity watch, I would argue that both my paragraphs are at least as connected to each other as the prior comments are to Steve’s post. You should be thanking me for getting us back on track. :)

  10. Umm, J? I don’t think those two paragraphs relate. Engaged before puberty != Married-at-23-Sister-Missionary. Both a little freaky, yes. But not apparently directly connected.

  11. Who is that woman and what is she talking about?

  12. Yeah, Steve. That’s a funny story. Don’t you think that’s a funny story, Jeremy, people “waiting” but not really and then getting engaged 2 days after he comes home? Isn’t that funny? They must be freaks or something.

    I really was looking for an excuse to comment on the letter about cremation – what’s with the names they used. I think I could come up with something better than Lester and Agnes.

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