Every Member a …Sunstoner?!

So today I had the slightly surreal experience of having our ward mission leader approach me in the hallway with a visitor in tow, saying “there she is–she’s our Ward Sunstoner. She just got back from the symposium” with a beaming grin on his face.

Turns out that he (the WML) had met a young man during a fair at which our ward was manning a family history booth. The young man seemed well-informed, and eventually confessed to being a member. “But,” he said, “I’m more a Sunstone than Sacrament Meeting kind of guy.” So WML convinced him that it was possible to do both, and was thrilled that the Ward Choir Director/RS Secretary/Music Chairman/Sacrament Meeting Chorister was also a bona fide Sunstone reader and subscriber who could be called upon for witty banter to distract our visitor (who works for the DNC) from the running Republican sniping that passes for discussion of the Book of Mormon in Sunday School.

In closing, I just want to say that I hope that we can all remember the importance of being missionaries and setting a good example by attending the Sunstone symposium!


  1. I’d like to see a Mormon Democrats blog that was maybe not only about being Democrats but that emphasized the membership of Mormons in the democratic party.

    I think I meant to say that I’d like to see a site where those who have posts are Mormons and members of the Democratic party… but that would be a sideline. Does BCC: already qualify as this?

  2. Aaron Brown says:


  3. Nate Oman says:


    Perhaps two words — McGovern Commission. Perhaps one — Roe.

    It is worth noting that conservative religions of all stripes began to desert the Democratic party in droves in the 1970s. There was a time not long ago when observant Catholicism and Evangelical Protetantism were closely correllated with Democratic allegiance.

  4. Ashleigh, me too. I can also become inarticulate from rage at econ. professors :)

  5. Ashleigh–you’re a Democrat? :) And btw, welcome to the blogosphere–I’ve enjoyed your comments at the blog which shall not be named.

  6. Nate Oman says:

    Greg: I think that this is basically right, but I think that it underestimates teh importance of the McGovern Commission, which realligned power within the organizational structure of the DNC. It in effect created a litmus test on certain issues: abortion, affirmative action, school prayer, etc. which were precisely the issues that drove away many social conservatives. The DNC only began to recover from this particular self-inflicted wound under Clinton.

  7. I like seeing a blog where a diversity of opinions are expressed, both by the bloggers themselves, as well as the people who comment in response. It is kinda boring and actually dishearthing to see the “Utah Mormon” type of dogmatic approach to life and spirituality. Actually, it can make non-Utah, non-caucasian, converts like me feel rather unwelcome.

  8. I think I saw a blog for Mormon Democrats once but it didn’t seem to have too many posts. I’ve been seeing/hearing from Mormon Democrats more than normal recently — maybe because they are such outspoken Bush opponents. I’d like to see a Mormon Democrats blog that was maybe not only about being Democrats but that emphasized the membership of Mormons in the democratic party.

    Just a random thought.

  9. Greg Call says:

    I think Thomas Frank is basically correct that the migration of “middle America” to the Republic Party was in large part due to the Right’s extraordinary success at changing the key issue in politics from the allocation of resources and the social contract to things like abortion, school prayer, nebulous “values”, and the right to carry a gun.

  10. I’m not even a Democrat, but I really enjoy seeing a diversity of Mormon political perspectives. I get bored or annoyed when I’m in environment where everyone emphatically agrees with each other.

  11. Just so you know, all of the times when I become inarticulate (allocations and economics come to mind) are entirely the fault of my (too many) children.

  12. Strange how Democrats have faded. When David Oman McKay was president of the Church, being a Democrat was the norm.

  13. The reason can be summarized in three words:

    Ezra Taft Benson.

  14. There are some BCC people that qualify, but BCC itself is a bit broader than what you’re describing.

  15. Darrell Johnston says:

    There is a great blog by Utah Democratic Vice Chair Rob Miller called The Utah Amicus. Rob is an active Latter-day Saint and many believe that Rob is the future of the Utah Democratic Party.

    He has an excellant post titled “Sacrament Meeting”. You should check it out.