At last, BCC Reigns Supreme!!!

It’s finally happened. After whipping up a nefarious, Gadianton-like scheme to bring down the Behemoth of the Bloggernacle, Steve E. and I were able to take down the website of those intellectual upstarts with smashing success! In case you haven’t noticed, that other blog no longer works. You can no longer make comments there. At last, BCC will finally be able to fulfill its destiny, step up to the plate, and humbly assume its role as that #1 most trafficked site in the Bloggernacle. Which is how it should be.

Consider the demise of T&S as a metaphor for its intellectual bankruptcy, generally.

So with that out of the way, I would like to announce that we the BCC pantheon — good Mormon “liberals” that we are — will be shortly announcing a Bloggernacle-wide “Speech Code” which we will use to enforce our heterodoxy with an iron fist. If you want BCC to link to you, you’ll have to toe the line, folks. All must comply. Resistance is futile.

Aaron B


  1. Aaron B,

    Now that you’ve tipped your hand just as your chance for glory passed you by, would you care to reveal the details of your “Speech Code”? The anticipation leaves me speechless.

  2. Aaron Brown says:


    Same here. Now here’s an enigma for everyone: The latest post at T&S is entitled “Theodicy and Me” and it is by “site admin”. Naturally, I assumed it was written by Kaimi, who usually posts all the administrative stuff over there. So I start to read Kaimi talking about his kids, and I read this sentence:

    “I couldnÂ’t help but think about how utterly charmed their lives are (with the exception of having a neurotic and incompetent mother, whose genetic endowment to them will likely result in eyebrows, noses, and thighs that fail to meet the highest aesthetic standards).”

    Needless to say, I was a bit surprised that Kaimi would insult his wife in this manner. I mean, I’m happy that Kaimi and Mardell’s marriage is characterized by such honesty and all, but isn’t this pushing the envelope just a bit?

    Then I realized that the post was probably typed by Kristine or Julie.

    Aaron B

  3. Hopefully, the “Speech Code” will be less buggy that the T&S scripts.

  4. I believe the Speech Code Aaron refers to is similar to the Omega Code. It shall unlock the secrets of the universe through limiting freedom of speech.

  5. D. Fletcher says:

    I wouldn’t be able to toe the line anyway, since I’m homodoxual.

    In case you were wondering.


  6. D. Fletcher says:

    Just in case anyone’s listening, I have no functionality at all at T&S. Can’t read comments, can’t make comments.

  7. Aaron Brown says:

    Oops. Looks like they’re up again. Rats!

    Aaron B

  8. Perhaps you will just have to commence with your plans to put a giant “laser” on the moon. What was that called again, the “Alan-Parsons Project”?

    Oh well, I’m just glad I have my year’s supply of food storage. Time to start my blogging storage.

  9. Trying to steal the glory eh? It was Iwho accomplished that great feat! Ballads and poems will be written about me.

    Basically I was trying to force them to change over to WordPress.

    Now that I’ve shown what I can do to them, it’s time to place an attack against the second mightiest group of Bloggernackers … :)

  10. Um, yeah, it was me (as far as I can gather from the pictures and bios, I’m the only one with scary eyebrows and a big nose. There may be other less than svelte thighs in the bunch, but I wouldn’t know!)

  11. Adam Greenwood says:

    Who, T&S’s guestbloggers?