At last…. Return of the Polls!

oh yeah!


  1. And even if you do think he’s “fine” with it (which I don’t quite believe), ask yourself which set of lives the president has more control over. The Supreme Court controls the fates of the unborn. But the Commander in Chief could end or shorten a war in progress whenever he or she pleases.

  2. Ann, good point! I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. Last week a number of us were sitting around at work waiting for a meeting to start and the issue came up. I asked how there could be ANY undecided voters given the polarity of the positions between the candidates and within the country. A young attorney from our Chicago office piped up and said he was undecided. We all, curious, asked him what he saw as the important issues that would help him decide for whom to vote. He paused and thought and finally said, “Well, the tax cut thing is important.” Tax cut?!!! I asked him what he meant; he said he wanted to keep his tax cut. Someone asked if there were any other issues important to him. He couldn’t think of any. How pathetic an example of an undecided voter – an attorney from Chicago, who, after working only 1 year had enough money to buy a waterfront townhouse in the tony section of his city is undecided on where his vote should go until he learns if he is going to have a little more $ next year! ugh.

  3. a random John says:


    You really think that there is a big difference between the candidates? To me the only differences that matter are which special interests are their favorites and that Kerry is saying he is going to actually pay for his outrageous spending as he goes while Bush (the conservative?) is going to spend just as much but not pay for it.

    When looking at the entire politcal spectrum there isn’t much difference between them. The only thing that is “polarized” is how much each side hates the other. But please note that they are not polar opposites, in fact they are members of the same secret society. I can certainly see how a lot of people would be undecided. In the end the corporate masters of both candidates are laughing all the way to the bank.

  4. Good to see a poll again.

    I’m going to wait until it’s over and then I’ll vote.

    Both are sort of stutter-stepping. Both are speaking in an almost too meaningful and plaintive a way.

    I did notice when Bush said that he didn’t know what Kerry meant when he talked about “passing a global test” … that was a slightly substantive point.

    It was astounding to hear Bush say the word “vociferously” and actually get the whole word out.

    Bush is using the phrase “hard work” way too often.

    Kerry is using the phrase “I will …” too much.

  5. How scientific is this poll? Do we have a new Zogby?

  6. I am among the few who opposed the first Gulf War. In 1992, though, I balanced my opposition to that war against my opposition to abortion, and voted for Bush 41. In 2000, I balanced my opposition to abortion against my opposition to Social Security privitization, and voted for Bush 43. In 2004, I am balancing my opposition to abortion against my opposition to (1) the Iraq War, (2) the doctrine of preventive war, (3) privatization of Social Security, (4) large tax cuts skewed toward the rich (e.g., eliminating the estate tax and most tax on capital gains and dividends) at a time of soaring deficits, (5) the largely unfunded NCLB, and (6) the excesses of the Patriot Act. Much as I like his general opposition to abortion and his judicial appointments (he has appointed four of my friends to the bench), I will not be voting for Bush 43 again.

    I have been a registered independent for 30 years, voting like a moderately conservative Republican (and even working for the Reagan Administration), but a few months ago I registered as a Democrat. I am not entirely comfortable as a Democrat, but, for now, I feel that I am more welcome as a moderate–even a moderate conservative–in the Democratic party than the Republican. And I feel like Senator Kerry is reaching out to moderates, while President Bush is reaching out only to his base–which is too much to the right of my politics.

  7. I am SO glad you reminded me to watch the Daily Show. They are going to have a lot of awkward phrasing to joke about.

  8. judy brooks says:

    I don’t think Kerry has ever stated he’s “fine” with millions of abortions. There is really hardly anyone who is “fine” with abortions.

    There are, however, those who believe it is the woman’s right to choose her lot in life, not that of the abusive father, the controling husband, or the men in congress.

  9. I like the Deseret News’ insightful analysis: “Three post-debate polls suggested that voters’ first impressions were good for Kerry, with most of those surveyed saying he did better than Bush. Such instant polls reflect the views of debate watchers and not the public at large. “

    Uh……. so the debate polls only reflect the view of debate watchers? Holy smokes! Good thing they don’t reflect the public at large.

  10. I tend to agree with a random John. I’m undecided. And I think I’m a pretty level-headed chap. My problem is that both sides can sound reasonable, and both sides can sound rididculous. Logan at Sons of Mosiah did a pretty good job of addressing a similar sentiment here.

    So Bush kills thousands in Iraq, but tries to keep millions from being killed through abortion. Kerry supposedly wouldn’t have taken us to Iraq, but is fine with the millions being killed through abortion. Whether or not you consider that as killing determines your feelings between the candidates. Then there is a host of other things that I’m don’t know if I agree with either one.

  11. I think we can clearly distinguish here between someone winning the debate, and whether winning the debate means anything in the minds of voters. I think most people would agree that Kerry was better on his feet and had a better grasp of the situation, but that won’t necessarily translate to increased voter percentages…

  12. I too am waiting before I post my vote result, but it’s not looking too good for G.W., IMHO.

    I think this would be a good space to use for write-in debate winners. I’m sure the Daily Show will be hilarious tonight.

  13. a random John says:

    May I just take this opportunity to point out how sad it is that our “free country” can’t manage to have a single presidential debate with any minor party candidates invited. It is a vicious cycle.

  14. Steve, you need to put a fourth option: Jon Stewart. The Daily Show was beautiful tonight…and they wrote it in what, half an hour? Those guys are geniuses. (And I couldn’t be more pleased that they picked up on the “Poland” issue…..come on, that was funny….)

  15. The Daily Show’s bit on “Who are the undecided voters” started out really funny. The weird cursing scene was just weird. But the beginning – “Who ARE these people?” – asked a question I’ve been thinking for some time: ARE there any undecided voters out there?

  16. What about Poland?

  17. Aaron Brown says:

    Yes, Bush did pronounce “vociferously” correctly, but astute listeners will note that it was the wrong word choice in context. “Vociferously” is best used to modify a verb expressing some sort of oral communication.

    Aaron B