Debate Two: Electric Boogaloo


  1. judy brooks says:

    Ha! The environmental confrontation in itself was enough to put Kerry 50 points ahead of Bush.

    How Bush can dare to even mention his mis-named “Clean Air Act” and others shows either extreme hubris or total ignorance.

  2. Hey! How come I can’t vote for Pedro Sanchez?


  3. Aaron Brown says:

    I didn’t see the whole debate, so I’m going to abstain. Everyone else should abstain as well, and pay close attention to my prior post.

    Thanks a lot for posting right after me, Steve. It’s like we’re bidding for junk on The Price Is Right, and you’ve just rudely bid one dollar above me, so as to preclude the success of my bid (post). Jerk.

    Aaron B

  4. I hope somebody in the Kerry campaign can figure out a good way to use the phrase “crooked timber”!

  5. I just laughed and laughed at the timber remark. I’ve already asked called family members and asked them if they want to buy some wood from me. That phrase has the potential to be a national phenom. If I had a bumper sticker company I would be rushing to print tonight.

  6. I say Aaron is a thunder-stealing jerk. I know that you have to be uber-obsequious to him Steve, as per the T&S super thread, but I feel no compunction in saying thunder-stealing jerk! It’ s all about my angst! My angst! :o)

  7. Oh, and missed the debate! I’m so upset! (Darn ward temple night!) Really, I’ve been such a politics nerd this year. Please, someone tell me what happened. Preferrably, make Bush the villain if you can work it out that way.

  8. p.s. here are the results from the last poll:

    Senator Kerry 66.7% 84

    President Bush 18.3% 23

    Jim Lehrer 15.1% 19

    total votes: 126

  9. Thanks Aaron. What did Karen say in response to your post, incidentally? :)

  10. This one was a lot closer, I think. But I still don’t like Bush, even if I would buy timber from him.