The Final Showdown

One last time, folks…


  1. . . . and she definitely _isn’t_ an NEA plant.

  2. . . . cough, cough, (mutter bull shit under breath), cough, cough . . .

  3. Against me or her?

  4. Also, as always, the NY Times Fact Check column comes in handy….

    IF you trust the Liberal Media, that is (Matt Evans, you out there?).

  5. Also, don’t freak out, people, if the poll doesn’t show up sometimes. I think Blogpoll’s server is down right now.

  6. Anyone else see the picture floating around the Internet of the Edwards/Cheney debate? Edwards is sitting at the table next to Cheney, only instead of Cheney its Mr. Burns? Good stuff.

  7. Anyone here seen the Stephen King movie Carrie? Somehow I don’t think that made it onto all those favorite movie lists.

    Anyway, I was just thinking how funny it could be to see John Kerry on the Saturday Night Live show, on a mock debate stand, covered in pig’s blood. Then they could show him using his telekinetic powers to kill Bush, Jim Lehrer and the entire audience.

    A skit like that could completely eclipse Clinton’s saxophone playing moment on the Arsenio show. And it would help Kerry permanently overcome his reptuation as a total stiff who can’t laugh at himself.

    OK, now that I’ve had my super-random-perverse thought of the day, I’m back to work.

  8. Certainly no landslide, either way. By far Bush’s best performance. I thought Kerry better on the details (though there were far, far too many of them) and Bush better at driving home his broad themes throughout. In the end, I simply cannot believe that this debate actually changed anyone’s mind.

  9. a random John says:


    The Secret Service has had a post removed from /. because it contained a threat to kill the president. That plus the story of the punk kid in Utah that had a “King George, Off With His Head!” bumpersticker getting hassled by the FBI makes me think that they don’t have a sense of humour about these things.

  10. Danithew, that was random and perverse, but amazingly satisfying. But I don’t think Kerry has the Sissy Spacek eyes for the task.

    You could do it with Dick Cheney, but you don’t need to douse him in blood — he is scary enough as-is.

  11. During the first and third debates I had the tv on while working on papers. Some people call that multitasking. I call it working on a paper then looking at the television then working on a paper then looking at a television.

    Anyway … I found the debates overall to be rather boring. I suppose Kerry suddenly looked better than he had in the past. I learned that he knows how to wear a sharp business suit and stand up straight. I never had doubted his ability to utilize authoritative-sounding declarative sentences over and over again.

    Just the same I wished several times during the debates that a real fight would break out. Or that a bucket of something would fall on one or both candidates. This was mainly because the debates were BORING.

    We used to have candidates who would really say critical things to each other or who had good quips in the course of a debate. I’m thinking of people like Reagan, Lloyd Benson … then again, how could you not look incredibly funny and intelligent when you’re debating the likes of Dukakis or Quayle?

    Our biggest problem during these debates is that these men were too evenly matched and too equally neutored (er, I mean tutored). Not much verbal adroitness or daring could be expected from either — because that would be unpredictable and these guys don’t say anything that hasn’t been scripted. They were both basically playing to lose the debate by a percentage point or two, at worst. If either were to speak spontaneously — hell, they might lose the election!

    So that really killed the entertainment potential factor in these debates.

  12. For the curious, here are the results of the other two polls:

    Poll #1
    Senator Kerry 66.4% 85
    President Bush 18.8% 24
    Jim Lehrer 14.8% 19
    total votes: 128

    Poll #2
    We all lost, really 38.5% 30
    Sen. Kerry 37.2% 29
    Pres. Bush 24.4% 19
    total votes: 78

  13. Hmm… I thought Kerry won, though not by a landslide.

    It will be interesting to see if the mistakes made by both will affect them. Kerry’s big mistake, I think, was just a failure to distinguish himself, to deliver a knockout punch, if you will. He needed to do it.

    Bush, on the other hand, had a couple of real missteps tonight. Guarantees we’ll be seeing the footage of him saying he’s not worried about Osama bin Laden side by side with the debate footage tonight where he said he never said that. Same with the grants and a few other things.

  14. I actually couldn’t stand to watch the debate. My wife watched it for me, and then didn’t tell me a thing about it. Pointless, really. I know how I’m voting and no debate will change my mind. I already know that Kerry’s whoppers make Bush’s supposed lies look like stone truth.

  15. I have this random fear that the Secret Service is going to google-search the term “kill Bush”, find my post comment and come after me.

    Dick Cheney covered in pig’s blood … that is a scary image but it’s still kind of missing something. Dick Cheney, covered in pig’s blood, holding a pitchfork … and he’s smiling.

    I’m not going to sleep tonight!

  16. I haven’t decided yet. How unfair would it be to air my interpersonal conflicts on the blog? I don’t think I can post anything without Sumer’s permission. It strikes me as something out of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

  17. I only caught some parts at the end and due to Kerry’s insulting persona I changed the station.

    I’m completely confounded how he and so many others on the democratic side perpetuate the idea that they can spend my money better than me on my own retirement.

    I appreciate Bush’s attempt to at least give citizens a choice between a socialized low return social security and a broader, more risk-filled but greater return personal investment.

    I’m also sick of hearing how education is getting more expensive and how Bush hasn’t done anything to change that. I recall an article a couple of months ago that showed although tuition costs have risen, grants, scholarships et al have risen even more and that out of pocket expenses for the student were lower, despite the rise in tuition.

    I wish that these facts and others like them would be pointed out more by Bush in his own defense. I think he would fair much better if he did.

  18. Mephibosheth says:

    I thought Kerry got thumped about the ears during this debate –after all this was a lawyer vs. a businessman on economic issues– but every poll I’ve seen so far has Kerry by a landslide.

  19. judy brooks says:

    I was unbelievably disappointed in the last debate.

    After all….it was supposed to be domestic related.

    And we didn’t hear a word on the environment. We didn’t hear a thing about alternate energy sources.

    Thankfully Kerry started talking about health care a few months ago, or we still wouldn’t have heard anything about that.

    And education—-that’s Bush’s ace? Teachers all across the country are crying out against the “No Child Left Behind Act” that he seems to be so proud of.

    Where were the good questions in the debate? And is anyone else with me when I say that the moderator really seemed to give Kerry the most difficult questions?

  20. I watched the debate in my office along with several other lawyers–now that’s fun. We had our own little mobocracy here for 90 minutes. Burnings in effigy immediately followed closing statements.

    Sumer Evans–say it ain’t so.

  21. I’ll quote someone I heard on TV the other day. “somewhere in Texas there’s a village looking for its lost Idiot.”

  22. wolverine says:

    Judy – the “teachers” you refer to, who supposedly are complaining about the act are NEA members and NEA functionaries, and I am sure you know that the NEA is a very pro-Democratic Party organisation, and has officially endorsed Sen Kerry in this race.

  23. Keep it civil, folks, think of the children!

  24. My wife is an elementary ed major, and has worked in schools. She thinks NCLB is a colossal failure, at least the way it isn’t funded.

  25. some funny anecdotes tonight, good quips from G.W. and weird altar-boy declarations from Kerry. Does anybody really know, incidentally, if Pres. Bush really ever met with the Black Congressional Caucus?

  26. Steve,

    I think you will find that there is no better place to settle family conflicts than in the public square. Following in the footsteps of pioneers such as Jerry, Carny and, yes, Oprah, reality television took us inside America’s homes and proved that toxic relationships can be repaired and emotitional traumas smoothed over–all in 60 minutes. Airing you marital strife in the bloggernacle is the next step in the evolution of this wonderful phenomenon. I strongly urge you to do so.

  27. Steve,

    The answer is yes, twice, though he declined an invitation to meet with them in September.

  28. Sumer can probably speak for herself, but I am thinking about an incendiary blog post.

  29. This was a bit closer, and I agree with John’s assessment — Kerry was good at providing details, but Bush provided a better overall theme. But that’s always the choice in these debates. I also don’t think this will really sway voters one way or the other. Just ask Sumer :)

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