Some Things I Learned at the Blorgy

1. The New York City Subway map makes things look close and easy enough to get to. Do not believe it.

2. Mat Parke is not, in fact, the general counsel for a grocery store chain. (yes, I’m stupider than I look!)

3. Really good cheese tastes a *lot* better than pretty good cheese (thanks, Kaimi!)

4. Steve Evans is funny. And his dad played the villain in an old church movie. Somehow that makes him seem even funnier.

5. I can get along just fine (swimmingly, actually) with at least one of the Bell brothers. (which makes me suspect that pre-millenial reconciliation, or at least detente, with the Fowles might even be possible :))

6. It is unwise for me to stay up past 1 a.m., as fatigue puts me in a confessional mood. It’s a good thing we weren’t drinking–heaven knows what scandalous tales I might have told :)

7. Did I mention that Steve Evans is funny? I actually fell on the floor laughing at one point (of course, almost everything is pretty funny by 2:15 in the morning)

8. JWL was the only person who was almost exactly as I’d imagined him, and just as wonderful.

9. Kaimi, whom I had always imagined as a righteous man, careful to bring up his children in truth, has been corrupting his innocents with that great evil of our time–Yankee fandom. Fortunately, his children will still have access to the spirit, which can whisper truth to them in spite of the false traditions of their father.

10. D., besides having very quickly become one of my favorite people on earth, is a FABULOUS host. His place is beautiful, the food was wonderful, and he was so warm and welcoming. He even flew back from Utah a day early to arrange everything perfectly. What a guy!


  1. “oops: should be n’est-ce pas”

    Yeah, I was going to correct you in my sneeringest online tone :)

    And no, it’s not really a cold war–it’s just that I think we disagree about virtually everything that gets said in the bloggernacle, even though we undoubtedly agree about 98% of the things that really matter in life, and it makes for good theater to play up the conflict. Otherwise we’d all just be singing Kumbaya all the time ;)

    Just to show some sisterly solidarity with your wife, I will agree that your tone is sometimes harsh, but then, so’s mine, as evidenced by somebody’s remark Friday night “gee, you don’t look very mean.” Ouch.

    Finally, I don’t think an ideal world would be one in which everyone agreed with my point of view; it would be dull. Besides, I’m wrong a lot. (but since I’m such a babe, that doesn’t matter much–hahaha)

  2. john fowles says:

    which makes me suspect that pre-millenial reconciliation, or at least detente, with the Fowles might even be possible

    Ouch! I never knew we were in a Cold War! But seriously, I am certain that we would get along very well in “real life.” In law school, I had some hefty debates (literal debates) with the ACS (I was in the Federalist Society) but I always got along with those same people after hours–even if they did think that the dems’ approach to filibustering judicial nominations was just fine.

    Also, when we had the (unfortunately MUCH smaller) SLC Bloggernacle gathering last week, the mix was Bob, D., Danithew, Ebenezer Orthodoxy and I and we all got along very well and had a wonderful time (from my estimation), despite any intellectually differing points of view or different political leanings.

    I guess that the perception of being up in arms comes from the fact that the nature of these blogs is to engage in discussion about such controversial issues. Only in an ideal world would everyone agree with your point of view. Anyway, for this reason my wife dislikes much of what I write on these blogs. First of all, it embarasses her. Second, she knows I am friendly and likable in real life and she worries that I am alienating people by taking strong positions in my discussions on the blogs. Finally, she thinks I am too harsh in what I write. She is right on all counts, but c’est la vie, n’est pas?

  3. Amy,

    I guess I’ll have to settle for that. It’s close, right? :P


    Now even Mardell is agreeing with you. I know my limitations, but they do bug me sometimes. I’m blessed and should be content, but I of course want all that, plus the bag of potato chips. How come I don’t get any of that green grass on the other side of the fence? Alas, I still haven’t quite learned to control the whole pride thing.

  4. Cheese snobbery–like wine for Mormons!

  5. Did you get to the bus OK? We were worried…

    I totally agree with you about the Bell bros. Pleasantly surprised how easy to talk to Davis was. I’m sure there’s a dark side somewhere that I’m missing out on.

    EVERYBODY was funny. I had a great time, and thought it was a blast. I’m so glad, Kristine, that you came up for it.

    Agreed that D. is a tremendous host. One of the best party hosters of all time, IMHO.

    What did I learn?

    I learned that I should never listen to Kristine whining about being frumpy.

    I learned that Bob and Logan are a tremendous pair, more so because neither of them were what I was expecting, but even better. I didn’t think that Logan would have the facial hair, but somehow I expected it of Bob.

    I learned that Mark B is great to talk to, and I’d love to get him blogging more. Tremendous experiences and charm are a great combination.

    And heaven help us if the WoW is ever repealed, we all would have been drunk off our a*ses and Kristine would have no doubt brought some of the “special” brownies she mentioned. But we wouldn’t have had any more fun. Maybe the presence of illicit drugs would have enticed Aaron B. to fly out and join us.

  6. I’m glad you enjoyed the cheese. I guess “Steve is funny and Kaimi is cheesy” is the best I’ll get. (Darn that Steve Evans! A pox on his house. How come I don’t get to be the funny one?)

    And I was wondering if it was just me (I have been known for eclectic perceptions) but it looks like _everyone_ agrees that Kristine is a babe. I had better hurry and register before it disappears.

    (See ).

  7. If it makes you feel better, Kaimi, I always think of you as the funny looking one. :)

  8. Kaimi, you don’t get to be the funny one, because you aren’t very funny. Sorry. You have a quirky edge, it’s true, and have moments of funny, but listen– funny is all I’ve got, and I’m milking it for all it’s worth. You’ve got “smart” to fall back on — what have I got? Don’t begrudge me the title of funny man.

  9. john fowles says:

    oops: should be n’est-ce pas.

  10. D. Fletcher says:

    Steve IS hilarious.

    Oh, yeah, and also…

    Steve IS hilarious.

    The party really was a blast, if I do say so myself. It’s a pretty good sign that everybody stayed and stayed (Mormons usually go home early).

    And Kristine is not only the smartest person on earth, but a real babe as well. I met her last summer, but her presence (she came down on the Chinatown bus) really made the evening for me.