Our Most Important Poll, Ever — UPDATED

The fate of the bloggernacle is WAS in YOUR hands!

Poll’s over, folks, and here are the results:

http://www.bycommonconsent.com 45.6% with 62 votes

http://www.rameumptom.com 30.9% with 42 votes

http://www.korihor.com 11% with 15 votes (due to T&S tampering)

http://www.zelph.org 10.3% with 14 votes

http://www.zeezrom.com 2.2% with 3 votes

total votes: 136

What will we do now? We shall gather in secret chambers to decide.


  1. “I’m very attached to rameumptom, myself. It has a certain “for insiders only” effect, and also suggests little tongue-in-cheek awareness of the fundamental snottiness of our endeavor.”

    This is my opinion exactly. As far as the difficulty in typing rameumptom, isn’t that what bookmarks are for?

  2. Last_lemming says:

    isn’t that what bookmarks are for?

    Speaking of bookmarks, my bookmark for this site shows up as “Adam-God Theory.” What’s up with that?

  3. A couple of notes:

    I don’t really want to change the site’s name, but we’re really weighing the possibility of a domain name that’s a little easier than the bazillion characters of the current one.

    I have no idea if we really will change our domain name; but if we do, it shall be by the voice of the people.

  4. AB, what was your pick on the poll? Tell me it was Zelph!!

  5. ah… now I see the rationale!

  6. Ahem.

    I prefer “swinging” to “hanging.” And I’m defintely not pregnant!

  7. As one who picked bycommonconsent, I hereby step forward to defend my position. Well, let’s see ummm,

    IT’S THE NAME OF THE WEBSITE!!! EVERYONE REFERS TO US AS BY COMMON CONSENT!!! If that’s available, why would we choose a different name? It’s all about brand identification. You wouldn’t suggest that coke change their colors to green and gold, now would you? Why make it more difficult for people to find us? That’s our name. Let’s stick to it. The time for the naming argument passed….about six months ago.

  8. Don’t look now Mardell, your chads are hanging.

  9. Having read the “too many c’s and o’s” criticism of bycommonconsent, might I suggest bykommonkonsent.com? This also slyly suggests we are young and trendy unspellers of the 21st century.

    This would work for zelf.com too. Alas, korihor and rameumptom already have sufficiently screwy spellings that additional changes would have no effect. For zeezrom, we could make it zzzeezrom.com, which would put us at the bottom of any domain name list on the planet, although that’s probably not an achievement we should aspire to.

    And finally, the sudden spurt of korihor votes suggests some obstructionist right-wing crossover voting is seeping into the blog poll, sheep in wolves’ clothing.

  10. huh? I think that’s because Kaimi had labelled us that way at one point in time on T&S. Wow, that’s weird, though, because I TOTALLY buy into that theory!!

  11. I agree with you about korihor, It’s one of those options I threw in just for its own sake. Perhaps Aaron will want kori-whore?

  12. I am unsympathetic, Steve. Try dealing with weekly rebellions from readers and bloggers trying to get to a site someone somehow named ‘intellecxhibitionist.’ Ugh.

  13. I call for an independent commission to review the balloting irregularities in this process. And an audit of any electronic voting machines. I think someone’s rights are being suppressed here.

  14. I gave the nod to bycommonconsent, although zeezrom has a certain sentimental charm to it, he being both a lawyer and a repentant soul (which categories are not mutually exclusive). I think korihor would send all the wrong signals.

  15. I like Rameumptom too, but many many people have complained to me about not being able to type it.

  16. I officially change my vote from bycommonconsent to rameumptom.

  17. I prefer kimsiever.com

  18. I vote for korihor or kori-whore. That way I can feel both welcome and offended every time I visit!


  19. I was going to suggest the following domain name:


    But it’s already taken. Sigh.

  20. Aaron Brown says:

    I’m definitely against “kori-whores.” It’s too long and unwieldy. I prefer “kori-whor.”

    Aaron B

  21. I’m one of the four (so far) who voted for Rameumptom and agree with Kristine’s analysis.

    And let’s be honest, Steve. Do you really want people who can’t type Rameumptom correctly visiting the blog?

    I mean what’s the point of being elitist if you have to

    The problem with bycommonconsent is that it looks silly when you run words together in a URL. Unless, of course, they are words that flow nicely together but yet retain their distinctiveness — that maintain a certain tension between the words. Things such as, I don’t know — motleyvision.

    the problem with bycommonconsent is that there are too many ‘o’s, ‘m’s, ‘n’s and ‘c’s.

  22. I’m very attached to rameumptom, myself. It has a certain “for insiders only” effect, and also suggests little tongue-in-cheek awareness of the fundamental snottiness of our endeavor.

  23. Wayne Wells says:

    If this is “By Common Consent”, why is there a need for a gathering in “secret chambers”? After the decision, will we be allowed to raise our arms to sustain it?

    Why make a person an offender for a misspelled word?

  24. Is it too late to start a write-in campaign for holyfetch.com or perhaps ohmyheck.org ?

  25. Is there going to be a runoff if bycommonconsentsupercalifragilisticexpialidocious.com doesn’t win? It is under that magic 50% approval threshhold, usually signalling doom for the incumbent. (Oh, wait…)

  26. John H, many others have written to request the same thing. Rameumptom seems to carry the electoral vote thus far among BCC members.

  27. looks like bycommonconsent.com wins….

  28. Of course, you could call it some name that implies extreme piety or faux-officialness like http://www.doctrinal.net … err wait … scratch that..

  29. Okay, how about “weareneithersnobsnoridiots.” No, too long.

    Hey, when is this thing going to be over? I’m getting tired of coming by five times a day to vote.

  30. okay, so I cat spell. That dot mean that you’re still not a bunchofsnobs.

  31. Or whatever it takes to make my favorite win.

  32. Rameumptom comes from a classic story of the Book of Mormon, in Alma 31, where the unrighteous Zoramites got up on a stand to pray about how much better they were than their brethren. The holy stand was called the Rameumptom.

    Nowadays, ex-mormons like to throw this passage in our faces to show our hypocrisy. See here, if your testimony is up to it. It’s actually pretty funny.

  33. Ryan, your site has a Cronenberg-esque quality to its name, like his classic, eXistenZ.

    But yeah, it’s a crappy name, too.

  34. septembersix.com is also available. . .

  35. There are many, many sites that are a variant of bcc, unfortunately. It’s an immensely popular acronym.

  36. Wayne, my man — secret chambers are what we’re all about around here. The By Common Consent is ironic, because we really just believe in papal fiat. You’ll be permitted to sustain our decision, once the old domain name has been released with our thanks.

    As for misspelled words, offenders shall have neither forgiveness in this life, nor in the life to come, for their comments are also misspelled in the Blog of Life.

  37. We’ll end the polls at midnight tonight, although you can’t really end a blogpoll, so I dunno. As for run-offs, I and the other members of the Bcchedrin will so decide.

  38. well, ‘snob’, I think that we won’t “dot” call it “weareabunchofsnobs” because we’re not really snobs. And you’re an idiot.

  39. Well, that was a little snobby of me. Sorry.

  40. D. Fletcher says:

    What about http://www.bcc.com?

  41. What’s rameumptom? And it has taken me 6 months to learn how to spell it. Which was really annoying especially when one is travelling and paying for internet minutes but they have to get to BCC via some other website while being harassed to post something! It’s also inconvenient for students who use different computers on campus that don’t have their bookmarks. Please change it. I like Zelph.

    Although I sympathize with Steve for the chaos that kind of change will cause. I wouldn’t do it if I were him because I’m too lazy.

  42. When all of this is over, the losing two names will concede to the runner-up. Right now, that makes rameumptom.com the leader.

    Arbitrary? Yes.

  43. Where’s the choice for hiring hackers to hijack the http://www.timesandseasons.org url and point it here? That’s the real way to protect the future of the Bloggernacle.

  44. why dot you call it “weareabunchofsnobs”

  45. Will someone who picked bycommonconsent please explain themselves?

  46. William, you’re not a big Zelph fan, then? I thought that Zelph was going to be the runaway favorite.