Got A Light?

Not in Utah, where only one in eight in "heavily Mormon Utah" smoke, according to the AP.  This apparently makes Utah the state with the lowest smoking rate in the nation and the first state to meet the federal government’s target of 12.5%, which the article coyly attributes to the presence of "strong social prohibitions" there.  Interestingly, California, where the only strong social prohibition is against driving under the speed limit, comes in second place with a 17% adult smoking rate.  Kentucky comes in dead last with a 31% smoking rate.


  1. Uh Dave, you know this is still our test blog, right?

  2. Also, do you think we need a Recent Posts category in the sidebar? I’m not convinced we do.

  3. Yes, I was just doing a test post to see what came out the other end and let you see a post with someone else’s name in the “posted by” line. I go back and forth on the “recent posts” list, but I definitely like the Typepad icon as a shortcut into the login page.

  4. any other ideas? Additions? I want to get this all wrapped up soon, because adding a site counter, etc. is a complicated process that I can only do after the initial stuff is done.

  5. I see one thing that’s missing — a link to “A Motley Vision”.

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    I like the look, guys. The color scheme is better and although I usually prefer the two-column format for a blog, I kind of like the three-column one here.

  6. Hey, you’re there, under Motley Crue. I thought that was particularly witty :)

  7. Cool.


    There goes my credibility as a close reader/competent reviewer.

  8. Davis Bell says:

    Don’t make me break you, Evans. I know — more or less — where you live. There better be a link to my blog (okay, my brother’s blog) before sundown.

  9. Davis you numbnut, it’s on the left already (Hell’s Bells).

    How did you find this site??

  10. Davis Bell says:

    I found it via Dave’s MI. And I don’t think it was there before. And I’m insulted I wasn’t invited to review.

  11. Davis, you weren’t invited because you didn’t stay at the blorgy long enough to learn the secret password. Next time, stay till we get finished going through the neighbors’ trash.

  12. Steve,

    Have you thought about showing the real link on mouse-over, so that readers don’t have to click to find out what’s really in “The Spaulding Manuscript” or “The Clark Memorandum.”

    (By the way, one blog is listed twice, under two different aliases).

  13. Good idea, Kaimi. That’s actually a fairly easy fix. Which one’s listed twice?

  14. Kaimi, depending on your browser, the actual link appears in a bar at the lower-left corner of the screen. For example, when I want to know what “The Evil Blog” is linked to, I glance to the lower left and read “”. And Davis, I’m flattered that anyone actually ever reads through the link lists I have posted at DMI!

  15. Dave, I can also make it so that the real name of the blog shows up when you mouse over it. Try it for your link — it should work already.

  16. Looks like you successfully cleaned out the duplicates — though did you also nuke Bob and Logan in the process? I don’t see them listed anymore.

  17. It’s a long story.

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