MASSIVE changes

The recent bait-and-switch at some other blog has caused us to consider the thirst of the average Bloggernacler for something new, something unique, something mildly blasphemous. We feel your pain, O ye unwashed masses. And so, on Wednesday, we will unveil some changes ourselves, BCC-style. Not the piddling, ho-hum changes you see elsewhere — oh no! Ours will rattle your teeth like a ride on the Cyclone, shift your paradigm without a clutch and cause you to question the very meaning of life. Prepare yourselves.

And those of you who know what’s going on, SHUT UP or I will e-break your kneecaps. The rest of you, feel free to speculate — the best rumor-mongerer will win a shiny new Bronze Hornsman.


  1. Davis Bell says:

    *Yawn*. We’ll see.

  2. Aaron,

    I think you underestimate the drawing power of Steve’s simple suggestion. After all, people pay good money to look at celebrity photos of a certain sort. And remember, based on bloggernacle input, Steve does look like Topher Grace, and Kris like Meryl Streep. And Christina like Kate Beckinsdale. And Mat probably looks like a movie star too, though for some reason, no one made casting suggestions for him. (Even if he doesn’t, the rest of the group can make up for his slack).

    With the ad revenue from the new “readers”, Steve will be able to upgrade his Haloscan comments even further. The sky is the limit . . .

  3. All this talk about Adam-ondi-Amman, the Deseret Alphabet, the Adamic tongue, Onandagus, fat general authorities, etc. has made me feel that this is the appropriate time to reveal the solemn truth.

    After much prayer and fasting it has been revealed to me that the whole “white Lamanite” thing was mis-interpreted. Zelph was just as dark as other Lamanites until was attacked and sucked dry by a chupabraca.

  4. Danithew, tempting though WordPress is, it’s beyond out technical abilities!! No, we’re switching instead to an all-Adamic tongue blog.

  5. Finally making the switch to WordPress eh?


  6. He’s pretty fat.

  7. D. Fletcher says:

    I’m happy to see flattering centerfold-type pictures of Kristine and Mathew, but I’m not sure I’m ready to look at Orrin Hatch in the altogether.

  8. I’ve already modified the meta tags on the site to googlebomb for “nude mormon celebrities.” Now, we just sit back and watch the manna flow. Thanks for the tip, Kaimi.

  9. I’ve been misspelling that for some time I guess. I am SO ashamed.

  10. Kaimi, it’s Adamic. Didn’t you get the Adam-Ondi-Memo?

    Man, I miss the days when we’d speak in tongues and talk about Onadagus and all that crazy stuff. We used to really have this religious edge to us! Now, the craziest stuff we’ve got is all in our scriptures, and nothing really weird comes out of Salt Lake (unless weird=super-conservative). Oh well. Once Bishop Burton (all 500 lbs of him) comes on board BCC, we’ll see if we can get him to expound a little on gettin’ the crazy on a bit more.

  11. Kim, now play nice. I don’t make public what YOU do on the Sabbath, now, do I?

    Davis, hold on to your butt!

  12. MASSIVE changes, huh? We’ve heard that one before. What, are you going to change from the brownish color scheme to something a little cheerier?

  13. MASSIVE, like a lot of MASS. One of the heavier Brethren will be joining us, possibly the Presiding Bishop.

  14. My guess is that BCC is taking out a new website. [edited] was purchased this past Sunday by Stephen Evans.

    Edited By Siteowner

  15. No to both questions, kim.

  16. Now I know why Dan Rather is leaving CBS. It’s to become a permablogger at BCC:

    That’s almost as big news as him becoming LDS. (hey, don’t forget, you asked for rumor-mongering )

    p.s. my only question is whether he is liberal enough for this blog. :)

  17. Oops, that should be “hornsman”.

  18. Or will it really be MASSIVE? Maybe a GA permablogger or something?

  19. So, does this mean I get a hornblower?

  20. Aaron Brown says:

    Steve — as I already told you in our private email discussion yesterday, I’m all in favor of the bulk of the changes you have in mind, but I really don’t think the idea of nude photos of each of the perma-bloggers is likely to increase our readership. At least not the type of readers we want.

    And for the ninth time, NO — airbrushing the photos will NOT resolve my concerns!

    Aaron B

  21. Steve,

    It’s Adamic now? I thought that you guys were switching to the Deseret Alphabet.

  22. That is very sad. I wanted a hornsman.

  23. That’s ‘chupacabra”, man.

    I had to edit my own post for profanity!! Sorry, I guess “male goat” also means something quite nasty in Spanish….. :)

    Edited By Siteowner

  24. D. Fletcher says:

    Wait, now we’re going to have to go MASS?

  25. What if I cropped us all together in suggestive poses? Like with Mat & Dave making out? AB, I could airbrush in a sock for you, Chili Peppers-style…

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