Hey Y’all! What’s Up?!

First things first: even though it says “posted by Logan” above this, that only means he won the arm wrestle.  (Speaking of which, anyone who questions how MASSIVE these changes are obviously hasn’t seen Logan’s biceps.  Or Bob’s video game skillz, for that matter.)  Being the prima donnas we are, neither of us is willing to forego any publicity for the joint work that is this post.  Okay.  That said. . .

It’s official. After having weighed the pros and cons of joining either Times and Seasons or By Common Consent, we — Bob and Logan — have decided on By Common Consent. Ironically, By Common Consent is offering no monetary compensation and could not even begin to match the six-figure salaries thrown at us by T&S. But we, the humble servants of the Bloggernacle that we are, believe we can best serve the masses as snarky liberals rather than bore you as pompous, “onymous” Mormons.  What good is money if you can’t sleep at night, anyway?

As such, in addition to the brilliant original posts that will soon come forth, we will be featuring our self-designated top ten posts from our previous blog, Sons of Mosiah. That’s right; over the next month or so, we hope to give them to you two per week. This will enable us to have the stimulating discussions we originally hoped were possible, but which ultimately proved unsatisfying due to the laziness of those who frequent BCC but refuse to blog elsewhere (no, Aaron B, we’re not just talking about you).

We are as excited as can be and hope to do our part in the unholy quorum!


  1. D. Fletcher says:

    Whoa! 6-figure incomes at T&S? I better call Nate and Kaimi right now…

  2. Aaron Brown says:

    Guys, I would have visited Sons of Mosiah more, but I was just so offended that you removed my name from your sidebar as an Honorary Son, that I had to stay away in protest.

    You should consider yourselves lucky I didn’t have you killed!

    Aaron B

  3. You wuss. You were “offended,” huh? You’ve been around these sensitive types too long, Brown. But I guess that does explain it.

  4. So, does this mean your old blog is gone?

    Please say yes. Then my $B will go up when I remove the link from my sidebar. :)

  5. Yeah, pretty much, Kim. Merging into this duo of blogs means we won’t be paying much attention to Sons of Mosiah. We’ll end up doing something with it eventually, but it probably won’t be a blog.

  6. …. but you’ll still be able to buy BNL merchandise and skin-care products through their co-ventures with Franklin Covey and Nu Skin…

  7. Double cool!

  8. “What good is money if you can’t sleep at night, anyway?”

    Well, it’s still pretty damn good, believe me! You can’t live with yourself, necessarily, but you can afford enough distractions so that everything works out just fine, on the whole.

  9. Are you saying we made the wrong choice, Steve? Maybe I’ll call Kaimi back. . .

    Yeah, right. As if they’d have us. We’re a little too much in the “live wire” category for them. We’re much more comfortable here, where instead of worrying about breaking people’s testimonies it’s encouraged.

  10. Much improved guys. Keep up the great work.

  11. Well, I like the new comments, not sure about the template, figure I’ll update my link when you link to my LDS blog … ;)


    Come visit and comment back.

  12. Hey, folks!

    I’d like to swap links, too. Can I join the ‘nacle?



  13. Mark Hansen,

    I think you should continue with the “shameless plugs.” I enjoyed trying out your music. The only problem I found was that since you don’t allow anonymous comments, I couldn’t share my thoughts on your blog.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. Mark:

    I did link to bcc and their response has been to ignore my shameless plugs for my blog — maybe I need to come up with some music!

    That’s it.

    Music. Now, if I can think of something …

    Until then, shameless plug from Stephen M.

  15. BTW, have you thought of autoforwarding everyone who lands on a closed blog address to this one?

    I’m a big believer in not changing urls, but if you have to, then .htaccess or someother autoforward method, for sure.

  16. The old blog may be closed, but it’s still the best way to view our archives. Autoforwarding would make that use impossible. We link to it ourselves.

  17. Logan and Bob,

    If you are going to no longer post on the Sons of Mosiah, can you move your radio.blog music selections here (or, at least keep that going on the Sons)? I thoroughly enjoy listening to your choices.

  18. Lizzy, that’s really nice of you to say. We do have some stuff on the radio.blog at Kulturblog, but it’s kind of mixed in with lots of other stuff there too, and it’s also a little different feel there. I didn’t realize that there were people who really enjoyed that at Sons of Mosiah. Now I feel like making it work somehow. I’m not sure if that’s possible, but I’ll think about it.

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