All Good Things…

The only thing sadder than divorce is Mormon Celebrity Divorce.  HINT: this isn’t about KenJen.


  1. i thought this was going to be about ken jennings.

  2. Funny. I got on to say the same thing as anon…

  3. I know. But posts about KenJen’s loss just seem so cliche….

  4. The only thing sadder than Mormon Celebrity Divorce is this blog entry.

    Really, this has to be the least interesting thing posted here in a while.

  5. Sheesh! Everybody’s a critic! Look, random John, do I come to where you work and tell you how to clean windows?

    You’re right, this is a pretty lame post, but I thought it was a moderately interesting story and we don’t have a News sidebar…

  6. Steve:

    Don’t listen to John. We need more posts like this — reading about a wayward Mormon Marine who marries outside The Church, and breaks international laws so he can have regular and convenient sex is faith promoting.


  7. Thanks Peggy. The poor guy — dishonorably discharged, no education, parking valet in L.V., most likely outcast at Church. His wife will probably just ditch him and return to her partying life of luxury as a Bahraini royal.

  8. Steve, I second Peggy’s comment. We need more posts promoting regular and convenient sex. If you could design a video game to accomplish this, you would probably make A Random John happy too.

  9. Steve,

    You are welcome to come to my workplace and provide window cleaning instructions. Most days is from I work from home (which is an attic in Brookline, MA) but next week I’ll spend a day in Toronto and another at the NYPD. In fact if you do so I’ll take you out to lunch and we can discuss the sad case of the princess and the marine.

    On a more serious note, I am sorry if I offended you. My post was meant in jest, though I do expect a bit more from you BCC types than a link to a basically detail-free article and not commentary or insight.

    Now back to this nested comments issue. Wouldn’t that make conversations on the site a bit easier. Also, some means of logging in so you can see responses to your comments would be very nice.

    As for Dave’s suggestion that you design a video game to promote sex, if you design it I could probably be tempted into implementing it and donating it to this site.

  10. Don’t worry rJ, no offense taken. My commentaries and insights all went into my MIH post.

    As for nesting and logging in, well, this isn’t a forum, so implementing those ideass would take some serious CSS mods that I’m not up for…

  11. Steve,
    As long as I am making off topic suggestions, perhaps you should have (no www) point to the home page instead of whatever it is that it points to now that says “Coming Soon!”

  12. good point.

  13. wow. You are fast.

  14. not that fast — I can’t figure out how to make the change. Maybe tomorrow.

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