Christmas Gifts, Revisited

Last month I posted a riff on what to give as a last-minute present.  Some good ideas got thrown around; some bad ideas got thrown out.  I just wanted to post a link to this article on Slate confirming my advice that gift cards are the worst gift EVER, and to ask: what was your most memorable gift this Christmas?  For me, it’s tough: everybody gave such wonderful presents, particularly Sumer, who shows she knows her way around an Amazon wish list.  My parents sent candy and paintings, which are spectacular.  All in all, the little notes and cards from family and friends that ended up meaning the most.  I’m very grateful for them.


  1. If you are thankful for the cards your friends sent, why didn’t you invite some of those friends to your New Year’s party?

  2. …because some of them weren’t in town. And we don’t like some of the other ones.

  3. Steve, you live in New York City?

  4. yep. And Mathew doesn’t, not anymore!

  5. It’s a bit embarrassing to have my secret wishes made public, but so be it.

  6. Well, I doubt that’s really it. :) Did you check the link?

  7. Indeed I did check the link, Dan. Why?

  8. Oh well. That was my goofy stab at humor.

  9. Hummmm. The thought of Steve in a faux fur bustier . . . . What would possibly be funny about that?

  10. Some stuff you can’t make up. I was going through trying to figure out which wish list actually belonged to Steve … and that one popped up.

  11. look, I already said I was embarrassed to have that out in the open…. what more do you people want??

  12. Steve,

    I’d like to see stricter penalties for parole violators … and world peace.

  13. “The thought of Steve in a faux fur bustier”


  14. kris, I admit I don’t fill it out very well — yet. Give me time.

  15. Rosalynde says:

    Kris, clearly you haven’t met Steve yet. I think he’d look great in a bustier, particularly with a pair of fishnet stockings and some stilletto heels. In fact, Steve, didn’t you hike to Bridal Veil in stillettos that one time?

  16. Rosalynde–I *have* met Steve; I’ve seen him in his pajamas. That’s *plenty* for me ;)

  17. I just can’t comment on the bustier, because that’s way tmi for blogging cohorts…and I’m already a little naseous….but I have to say I turned into a gift card hypocrit this year. I refuse to give any, but was tickled pink to get some, to favorite stores, so I could hit the after Christmas sales. I did feel guilty though…

  18. My best gift was a pair of those Jakks TV games that have Ms Pacman, Pole Position, Galaga, Xevious — all of those great old video games. The whole family has been having fun with them.

  19. Can I come over, Bryce?

    Seriously, I’m just waiting for those bad boys to hit the clearance rack and I’m stocking up. Probably best to wait until AFTER I finish my thesis, though.

  20. Chad —

    If you’ve got a decent computer, you can always go the MAME route:

    Pretty much any game you want is available. Legality is a bit murky.

  21. Personally I’m anti-fur, anti-steve in girl undies, and anti gift card.

    My mom gave us some gift cards to some nice local eating places (I can think of how to spell that r word) and I’m very excited to actually get a real date with the hub!

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