Yes, I’m a Loser

Long-time BCC readers will recall my plug for NBC’s weight-loss reality show, The Biggest Loser. Ryan Benson, who is one of the three finalists, is a friend of mine and a former member of my ward. I know you’ve all been faithfully watching the show weekly as a show of solidarity with your co-religionist, and even if you weren’t otherwise inclined, I’m sure my earlier demand that you do so anyway was met with your unquestioning obedience.

But just in case I’m mistaken, let me invite you to watch tomorrow’s show specifically, as it is the final episode, where “the” Biggest Loser will be chosen. So far, it looks like Ryan is likely to win, and if he does, he gets the $250,000. Even more importantly, he’ll probably get to tour the talk show circuit, and given that he’s an aspiring actor, I imagine this could really jumpstart his career.

But folks, there’s an even more important reason to tune in tomorrow….. You might even get to see ME!

That’s right dear readers… There will be clips during the program of a party thrown at Ryan’s house, right before he takes off in the limousine for the live finale/weigh-in tomorrow. (The party was actually filmed in late December, but I won’t tell if you won’t). There were at least 3 occasions when I was filmed, so you might look for me:

(1) At the moment a dashingly handsome fellow shakes Ryan’s hand and says hello on the back porch (yes, that’s me);

(2) During a conversation in the backyard where someone says to Ryan that if he were gay, he would certainly find Ryan sexy (I’m standing next to that guy);

(3) At the snack table, where a lone figure is stuffing his face and mumbling to himself (that’s me too).

Of course, you should know there’s at least a 99% chance that all this footage will be discarded by the editors, and my 15 seconds of fame will evaporate before it even begins. But surely it’s worth wasting a couple hours of your life tomorrow night for the slim chance you might see a fellow Bloggernacler on the small screen!

If I do ultimately appear on the tube, please know that I will consider signing autographs, but only if you squeal like schoolgirls when you solicit them. Also, I will naturally expect an invitation from T&S to answer 12 Questions about my fascinating life and career.

Aaron B


  1. Well, that would be much better than being forced to watch the series premiere of “The Bachelor” with my wife’s aunt, uncle, and cousins, who knew the LDS girl on the show, and regaled us of tales of how she was an awkward, strange kid growing up in Pleasant Grove, hatched a plan to move to a small state (Rhode Island), make herself over, win the Miss Rhode Island pageant (did happen) and win the Miss America title (didn’t happen).

    Are you credited (Loser friend #4)?

  2. That’s “regaled with”, not “regaled of”

  3. Sorry Bryce, but Aaron will answer no questions until he reaches the T&S 12-Q hall of fame.

    I’m just really glad I held on to my AB rookie cards.

  4. I also hope that as his lone supporters in the Bloggernacle, Ryan will deign to come on for an interview.

  5. Aaron,

    No matter how famous and awesome you are due to television exposure, my main desire is to hear more of those hilarious mission stories.

    Congrats though on being on tv (or at least possibly being on tv). It must be an interesting experience to see yourself on the screen.

  6. I hope your friend is more pleasant in real life than how he appears on the show. From the first time I saw the show and how rudely he announced his vote for some woman he didn’t care for, he’s either really been a complete (insert word for waste orifice here) or he’s been edited to come off as one. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and hope it’s the latter.

  7. Renee,

    Tell us how you really feel:)

  8. aaron, i was at ryan’s house that night too, but although i know your name due to your fame in the mormon blogosphere, i had no idea who you were or i would have introduced myself to you.

    btw, if you see a good looking fellow holding an incredibly cute baby on the show tonite that’s likely me.

  9. perhaps BCC should start something like “13 questions” and have ryan as their first participant.

  10. Mike, we do it — we just call them “interviews.” Nothing cutesy.

  11. Oh come on Renee, Ryan is hilarious. Sure he’s a little irreverent at times, but funny nonetheless. My two older daughters (5 and 7) and I and hopelessly hooked on the show — we’ve dubbed it “Fat Farm” at our house.

    The Fat Farm Finale is tonight — the girls and I can’t wait!

  12. Aaron Brown says:


    Your reaction to Ryan is not uncommon; I’ve met others who feel similarly. I don’t agree at all, but admittedly, I know Ryan in real life, so I’m totally biased.

    I think editing does have something to do with it (Ryan has told me that certain scenes have been edited in misleading ways… for example, certain “reaction” shots have been made to appear to be in reaction to comments that they weren’t really in reaction to…) However, I think the most crucial observation about Ryan is this: Particularly in the earlier episodes of the show, Ryan thought some of the other contestants were taking the experience way too seriously. I mean, someone has to be voted off each week, and it’s not like they’re being sent to the gas chamber. Please. I think Ryan’s comment that “We’re not curing cancer here” in that early episode was meant to convey that point.

    In any event, I think Ryan has been the most interesting personality on the show, but once again, I’m biased.

    Aaron B

  13. Keeping in line with the uncontroversial fact that BCC is a junior-league T & S,* why not go with seventy questions? You know, twelve, seventy?

    * :)

  14. Classy as ever, Kaimi.

  15. I would have to agree with Renee. Hopefully its all due to editing. And I know people are often more polite in real life than how they may come across on a show.

    But several of the things he has done or said are hurtful to some people, and knowingly so. That is what makes a person an ass. As the good constible from Much Ado might say.

  16. Aaron Brown says:

    Oops. THE SHOW IS ON TONIGHT, NOT TOMORROW NIGHT. I posted this yesterday evening, but because this blog apparently measures the days by East Coast time, you might be mislead into believing that when I said “tomorrow,” I meant Wednesday, when in fact, I meant Tuesday.

    In short, watch the show TONIGHT folks.

    Aaron B

  17. Thanks for the clarification on the showtime Aaron. I was beginning to wonder if there had been some sort of strange disturbance in the time-space continuum. My flux capacitor hasn’t been fluxxing all that well recently…

  18. I’ve been watching all along. It was hard not to root for Moe, but Ryan’s done a superb job. My congrats to him!

  19. As someone who works in reality TV I thought I’d chime in to say that in all likelihood Ryan was probably edited to enhance, slant, or spin some of his comments, all in the name of a better story or a sharper characterization. But we can’t really put words in anyone’s mouth (well, actually we can, but we try not to). In any case, Aaron says some people react the same way to Ryan in real life. So perhaps we’re not all as devious and tricky as you might think.

  20. Two things. Geoff, its sad that you and your daughters (5 and 7) have dubbed this fat farm. The purpose of the show, entertainment aside, was to help people develope a better, healthier lifestyle and hopefully encourage others to do so.

    The phrase fat farm has a very negative conotation without even mentioning how many people who suffer from obesity react to the terms.

    Second, Ryan did come off with a huge slant, and it may have been up to editing but there was at least one point where he and another man were at the eliminations. He went on for several minutes putting the guy down and explaining why he was going to vote him off, then in a quick term and like most common jerks, said, guy I’m sorry to do this to you, but I’m voter her off.

    Sure I’m paraphrasing but it doesn’t seem very sensitive.

    I’m happy for everyone’s success and happy for you and your friend that he won. But much of his interviews tonight made him out to be very pompus.

  21. Aaron Brown says:

    Wow. I’m speechless. There was less than 10 seconds of footage from Ryan’s party, and I was in no less than THREE shots! What are the chances of that? (Keep in mind that there were probably 75 people there). First, they showed me shaking Ryan’s hand (see #1, above). Next they had the camera zoomed in on me (well, near me), and then it panned out to show Ryan hugging some girl (this was just a few moments after #2, above). Finally, as Ryan was leaving his house, and they did a shot of the audience, they focussed right on my face.

    In short, either I am much more photogenic than I thought (unlikely), or the editors have a serious crush on me.

    Aaron B

  22. I saw the shot of him shaking your hand and thought, “Is that Aaron?” I couldn’t be sure until you posted. Very cool.

  23. As someone who works in reality TV I can assure Aaron that the editors did not have a crush on him.

  24. Brian G, do you work in reality TV?

  25. Yeah, kneight. I’m sometimes ashamed to admit it, but it’s true. Over on Kulturblog (you can click the link from here) I talk about it a little. Although in retrospect now I wish I hadn’t.

  26. Aaron Brown says:


    You can TRY to assure me that they don’t have a crush on me, but I refuse to be assured! Seriously, it is bizarre that of all the footage they could have used, the footage of me figured so prominently. Why, I wonder. Perhaps this is a sign from God that I’m in the wrong profession, and that my real destiny is in front of the small (or large) screen. (Well, I really don’t need a sign for that…)

    Aaron B

  27. Charles,

    In true Ryan-esque form I have to complain : But calling it Fat Farm rolls off the tongue so much better! Besides, the “ranch” did look like a farm and there is no secret it was for fat people. I imagine it was probably slated to be called Fat Farm but some marketing exec over at NBC nixed on the name using the logic that such a name was likely to offend the 50% of Americans who are fat…(Uh-oh — Am I a jerk for saying the emperor has no clothes?) The marketers always win on these things. Having said that, I bet Fox would have called it Fat Farm anyway…

    But we liked the show for the happiness the contestants exude in improving their lives and health. It made it very inspirational.

  28. Yes, congrats to Ryan! The camera loves him (and Aaron).

  29. I’m ready for my interview!

  30. Hey, Nice! We got you here Ryan… Here’s my first interview question: Did you think they were doing a hatchet job on you early on or was the depiction fairly accurate? If it was accurate, do you have any regrets about taking the game more lightly than some of those other folks?

    BTW — Did you grow up in the Spokane area?

  31. Er.. Geoff… I think we may actually just do a standard interview and post it, then have Ryan reply to questions if he’s so inclined. But your question’s a good one.

  32. Hehe… I figured that would be the plan, but I thought I might sneak a quick question in before anyone noticed…

    Congrats on the big win, Ryan!

  33. Aaron Brown says:

    Is that really you, Ryan? Prove it by saying something about yourself that only the real Ryan would know.

    Aaron B

  34. Ryan (or is it?) says:

    I feel ten years younger.

  35. Actually, this is the real Ryan.

  36. Aaron Brown says:

    “I feel ten years younger.”

    Sorry — not good enough.

    Question: Name the family in the Wilshire Ward whose kids have informed you they want to come work out at 24 Hour Fitness with you.

    Aaron B

  37. Hey Aaron –

    I’m guessing you are talking about the Paydars.

    BTW – you looked stunning on the show! I believe you even had an extreme close up.

    Geoff – It was a pretty good hatchet job on me in the beginning – but as someone else stated, they can only show things you actually said. Now the order they put your comments in is where they can do a number on you.

    I only have one regret about the game – in the second episode i was playing a joke on Dave, and then Lizzeth took it the wrong way and her feelings were hurt, which i never intended.

    Anyway – i’ll do an interview later.

    take it easy – ryan c.


  1. Don’t forget tonight’s “The Biggest Loser” finale where Ryan is expected to win

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