Book of Mormon on the Red Carpet

So I was reading the news (read: this afternoon, and came across the following item in the live blog from the Golden Globes last night:

7:22 p.m.: Arrested Development‘s David Cross walks the red carpet accompanied by…the Book of Mormon. He’s overheard telling an interviewer that he brought along the tome as emergency reading material because "these things get boring."

Huh?  Was that outright funny?  (religious comedy props–the new wave of humor…)  Ironically funny?  (Perhaps an homage to Mark Twain’s famous "ether in print" comment…)  Endearing?  Surrealist Art?  Sincere?

I invite you all to come up with theories.  Author of best theory will be crowned BCC queen of the day (regardless of your actual gender.)


  1. I missed that, but that’s AWESOME. David Cross is a comic genius. Maybe he just got the urge one day and spoke to his mormon neighbor?

  2. Was it the new hardcover edition or a blue missionary version, or a nice leather bound triple? He should have brought the missionaries with it.

  3. D. Fletcher says:

    In the movie Alice Doesn’t Life Here Anymore, filmed on location and directed by Martin Scorsese, when Alice and her son are staying in a motel room in Tucson? I think, just after being threatened by Harvey Keitel as a married redneck suitor —

    A copy of The Book of Mormon (blue cover with Moroni) may be glimpsed peering from inside the motel bureau drawer.

  4. Its one of two things. Either he’s heard about the popularity of Mormon cinema and with movies like the Best Two Years doing so well, there are hopes for comedians in “funny” glasses. He just wants to show his solidarity and get into the market.

    Or he’s earnestly taking the discussions at Steve Martin’s house.

  5. A little off topic, but Steve Martin is not LDS. That is per Steve Martin himself, heard on NPR a few weeks ago. I think it was talk of the nation, can’t remember the date, but he was promoting his latest DVD release of something.

  6. David King Landrith says:

    If you’ve seen Mr. Show or seen David Cross in concert or heard his albums, then you know that David Cross is very proud to be an atheist Jew. I’m certain he meant it in jest—it’s probably that he thinks it’s an odd book and it has less baggage than (say) the Scientology book Dionetics.

  7. I know Steve Martin isn’t LDS, Thats why its such a great theory as to why David Cross was carrying the book.

    As for Dionetics, any idea why the LDS church never tried advertising like that from the 80’s. You know Book of Mormon: with a big volcano on the cover.

    “Want to learn to maximize your potential? Page 223.”

  8. Aaron Brown says:

    Karen, I think you nailed it with your Mark Twain comment. Cross is saying, “Hey folks, the Golden Globes are even more yawn-inducing than chloroform, in print or otherwise.”

    Aaron B

  9. Only those who have actually seen “Queen For a Day”, complete with the sob stories, the bogus applause meter, the ermine rimmed robe, the scepter, and the long list of gifts (washers, dryers, towels, whatever else) should be eligible to be the BCC queen for the day.

  10. I have indeed seen it, Robe and all. What a great show.

  11. I know for a fact David Cross is deeply religious and has a profound love of scripture.

    In his HBO special he holds up and reads from a book he calls his “personal bible.”


    And without a hint of irony he explains how this book has helped him live a better life.

    Clearly, Brother Cross has always been in search of the truth and the fact he took a Book of Mormon to the Golden Globes just proves he’s that much closer.

  12. David King Landrith says:

    Brian G, you’re kidding, right? You think that his deadpan reading from In Search of Good P*ssy (which is a relationship self-help book for black man and women) makes him religious?

    I think he just thought it would be clever to bring a Golden Bible to the Golden Globes.

  13. To add to the excitement, this from the USA Today bloggers:

    Never dull: David Cross, who plays Tobias on Arrested Development, wore pearls with his tuxedo and was carrying the Book of Mormon because “these award shows can get kind of boring, so I brought something to read.”

    Okay folks, now you need to work pearls into your theory.

  14. DKL,

    Of course, I’m kidding.


  15. Anonymous, anon. says:

    Clearly David Cross’ beloved pet hampster, named Edward Munch (I know this because I heard it on Fresh Air sometime last fall), has, as the rumors have it, been abducted by a resurgent Symbian Liberation Army and is being held for ransom. Expert on 1970s American paramilitary groups that he is (in fact, in a roundabout way this is why he drew the ire of the new SLA), Mr. Cross knew that there is a persistent rumor that the surrender of the final key members of the original SLA was negotiated by a San Fernando stake president who volunteered to put his life on the line in the name of peace. Thus, the pearls, when considered in connection with the Book of Mormon, is an obvious reference to the Pearl of Great Price. Clearly, he is making a clandestine distress call, “Mayday” in code, to the Church, and it is our duty to help this poor, tasteless and occasionally funny comedian.

    But this duty falls, in particular, on me and you, fellow BCC-ers. And why us, you ask?

    Because conservative Mormons would never publicly admit that they were watching the Globes on a Sunday. They will claim it’s beneath them, or will insist that they were at the fireside, even though no one remembers seeing them there. So it is us, the liberal Mormons, who don’t even bother hiding our disdain for Bro. Jensen’s neofascist travelogue slideshows, who feel no shame in admitting they were watching the awards show — it is only us who can notify the proper Church authorities that they saw Mr. Cross’s distress signal calling upon the Mormons to once again take on the role of negotiator and broker a peace deal with the new SLA and save from otherwise certain atrocities poor little Edward Munch, a common brown shorthaired hampster with a fondness for long walks on the beach and the lesser works of Gertrude Stein.

    That’s why he did it.

  16. David King Landrith says:

    Funny post, Anonymous, anon.

  17. Maybe he’s really reading it? It’s probably a joke but it’s not completely impossible that he’s interested in the book.

    Either way I’m happy to hear the Book of Mormon has been sighted in the press — just as long as its not being ripped to shreds by Marilyn Manson.

  18. David King Landrith says:

    danithew, to use one of David Cross’s standard lines, “Talking about David Cross joining the LDS church makes Baby Jesus cry.”

  19. David King Landrith says:

    Karen Hall: I invite you all to come up with theories.  Author of best theory will be crowned BCC queen of the day (regardless of your actual gender.)

    So who won?

  20. I saw David Cross perform standup in San Francisco two nights ago. The bulk of his set was devoted to talking about Mitt Romney and how Cross thought that it was ridiculous that the press was saying Romney’s previous views supporting gay marriage may endanger his run for the presidency, while belonging to a religion like LDS would not.

    He then proceeded to ridicule, in painstaking detail (he clearly spent some time on wikipedia), the Mormon faith, ultimately concluding that Mormons are “retarding fucking morons.”

    I am not Mormon, but I was thinking at the time of a good Mormon friend of mine who is a big fan of Cross. I thought he would be really upset had he been at the set. It was really vicious and angry. I admire Cross for speaking his mind and having strong opinions, but I don’t think his tirade was necessarily in good taste (nor was it, btw, particularly “ha ha” funny). Not that comedians have ever really paid much attention to good taste.

    So, in short, he was carrying the book ironically.

  21. Yes, but maybe when he said that we’re “retarded fucking morons” he meant it ironically.

  22. true, true.