…On an Unrelated Matter…

Okay, this has nothing to do with my earlier posts about the Evil to Come.  But next week, I am planning on taking a few days to visit family in Provo.  Anything I should do while I’m out there?  Any special bookstores, art collections, anything?  Those of you who live in Zion, I’d love to see y’all while I’m out there.  The fry sauce is on me.


  1. Make sure you hit Cafe Rio!
    Mmmmmm…. Pork Salad……

  2. I’ve heard it’s good — in fact, I got my sister a gift certificate there for Christmas.

  3. D. Fletcher says:

    I’m going on February 15.

  4. They also have an “Art of the Ancient Mediterranean World” at BYU’s MOA. It is supposed to be good, but it was installed shortly after I left.

  5. D., I’d love to see your sister while I’m in town — remind me to email her.

    Feb. 15th, eh? Well, too bad — SLC is _made_ for Valentine’s day!!

  6. Cafe Rio in general is so-so (I prefer La Costena in Mountainview, CA) but the tres leches there is good stuff.

    There is better Mexican across the street from the trolley car in Springville. The trolley car isn’t bad either.

  7. I’m not crazy about Cafe Rio. But that’s just me.

    In SLC I like the following places:

    Red Iguana for Mexican food.

    Little World for Chinese food (it’s a total dive but they make the best food and they have a huge variety of authentic Chinese dishes)

    Sugarhouse BBQ Company for ribs — they even have a website:

    I can’t think of anywhere else right now but just thought I’d throw down some suggestions.

    Steve, I know why you were feeling the evil dread of impending doom. Diane and I are coming to New York tomorrow and will be there until Feb 1st. She’s interviewing for residency programs.

  8. john fowles says:

    A visit by Steve! This is exactly the pretext I’ve been looking for to host another SLC bloggernacle gathering. If there is any interest, let me know. Maybe we can get an even better showing this time.

    To be more direct: Steve, come by my place and let’s have another SLC gathering while you’re here. Let me know some more details of your visit if you think you will have a spare evening to do this. If that is possible, we’ll want to get the word out soon so that others can make it if they have time. Some that mentioned interest last time but weren’t able to come because of scheduling matters were Jim F., Ryan Bell, and Silus Grok. If we got the same people out as before, plus these and any others, we could have a fun evening.

  9. Good lord Dan, you should drop by the Manhattan 1st ward while you’re out here. Church is at 9.

  10. I’ll be out Monday through Thursday noon, so M-W evenings would be fine.

  11. dan,

    Diane going to interview anywhere in Boston? What is she specializing in?

  12. john fowles says:

    I’ll talk to Allison and see which night would be better. Anyone else want to come and have scheduling suggestions?

  13. She’s not interviewing anywhere in Boston. She’s interviewed in CA, DC and here at the UoU. She’s got two interviews in NY and then I think another in DC again. I think that’s about it.


    We’ll be attending at Westchester Ward on Sunday (the ward I grew up in with Bryce). But I appreciate the suggestion. :)

  14. john fowles says:

    Danithew, does that mean you won’t be around here when Steve is here?

  15. David King Landrith says:

    Would you pick me up a Nachos Grandes and a chicken fajitas from Los Hermanos?

  16. Bob Caswell says:

    Sounds fun… I can vouch for john fowles being an excellent host (as well as his charming wife). If he’s willing to have me again, I’m there. I can do it most any evening as long as I find out within the next day or so.

  17. I wouldn’t call Cafe Rio mexican anymore than I would call PF Changs Chinese. I don’t care much for their enchiladas, but the Burritos with the Green sauce and the Salads are bueno (especiallly the pork).

    Red Iguana is good, but challenging locations for a Provoan (Provoite?).

    Also Gandolfos is a good sandwich shop, but deteriorating in quality at the chain locations. For the bets luck try the original location at Center and University Ave (Basement of the Knight building). Breakfast is great too.

  18. john fowles says:

    Cool, it sounds like Bob will come around too. I don’t know the exact date yet–I’ll keep you posted.

  19. John, I’m guessing right now that either Tuesday or Wednesday night would work for me. I’ll check with my wife (who sometimes has book club on Tuesday nights), and weigh in a bit later.

  20. john fowles says:

    Ryan, that would be great if you could come as well. I will check with Allison about one of those two nights specifically.

  21. Steve, it may be over by the time you get here, but Sundance is in full swing right now. You should check the dates and see if you can catch a screening or two.

  22. Yeah, Ry, at first I toyed with the idea, but the thought of schlepping up there is unbearable.

  23. john fowles says:

    Steve, some of the films are shown at Trolley Square, not too far from my house.

  24. John, I don’t know the exact dates Steve will be around. I’ll be gone from tomorrow (January 26) until February 1st.

  25. I’ll be in SLC from Monday Jan. 31 through Thurs. Feb. 3.

  26. Sensuous Sandwich
    Los Hermanos
    Seven Peaks (if it is open)

  27. If Allison really does host another gathering, she will have to receive some sort of award for patience and graciousness to people whose views she finds abhorrent and who make her husband crazy (not to mention encouraging him in a pursuit she views as a bit of a waste of time)! What a trooper!

    (Of course, I’m proceeding from the sexist assumption that Allison will do much of the work of readying the house and hosting the party–quick, John, this is your chance to lambast me for falling into stereotypical misperceptions and tell me that, in fact, you will take the day off from work to get ready for the party :))

  28. Kristine, you just had to get your jabs in, didn’t you?? Tee hee!

  29. I didn’t mean to be jabbing–I really do think Allison’s a hero. And I actually assume that John pulls his weight around the house, too. (Also, mostly, I am thinking about how many months’ worth of housework that I’ve neglected to blog would have to be done before I’d be unembarrassed to host a bloggernacle party.)

  30. Having enjoyed the last blogger party hosted by the Fowles I can certainly attest to their graciousness and hospitality. Sounds like I might miss this one. My loss. I would have liked to meet Steve too.

  31. Dan, if we do it Feb. 2nd couldn’t you make it?

  32. Steve, I’ll try and see what’s possible. Don’t hold up stuff for me but if I can possibly make it I’ll drop in.

  33. john fowles says:

    I just want to confer with Allison to make sure that we don’t double-book ourselves some night. She has family coming in for her birthday Jan. 31 and we will be having lots of activities while family from California and Virginia are here.

    But, Kristine, you are right that Allison will likely play more of a role than I will in actually hosting this event. We both work on keeping the house clean, but since she is there most of the day, a larger part of that burden falls to her. Also, she loves to cook and again, since she is home during the day, she would likely be the one to do any cooking if we did something more than cheese this time. She is a trooper indeed. The funny thing is, as opposed to Danithew’s wife (who refrained from coming last time out of a taboo on meeting people in real life that you spend time with on the internet), Allison would rather hang out in person with all these people I interact with on the blogs than argue on the blogs herself.

  34. john fowles says:

    Also, Allison would never stoop to the ad hominem levels to which I am willing to go in such discussions, so even if she might abstractly find someone’s views abhorrent, she will still have a blast with that person at a party.

  35. john fowles says:

    Steve, is Sumer coming with you?

  36. Aaron Brown says:

    Can I just say that the BEST food in Utah was that yummy Park Ivy vegetarian restaurant in SLC, near the Tower Theatre? (Yes, I can just say it. I just did). Alas, it has closed down, along with its sister location at that grocery store in Orem.

    Aaron B

  37. I am trying to convince Sumer to come. But she is a defiant, strong Mormon woman and will do as she pleases.

  38. Defiant, strong POWERFUL Mormon women. Aren’t they great? :)

  39. I say we do it Wednesday night!

  40. Wednesday would work for me (as would Monday since I have no children at home, unlike–I assume–some of you), but neither Tuesday nor Thursday would.

  41. john fowles says:

    I’m sorry, everyone, but this will not be possible for me this coming week. Allison’s family will be in town and we are scheduled every evening beginning with Jan. 30. We will certainly have another blog get-together sometime, just not next week.

  42. Steve, Dallin says he’ll get in touch. He lives in Provo (but is here in NC until Thursday). He’s got some more music for you.

  43. D. Fletcher says:

    Of course, I’m coming to Utah on February 15 — 23.

  44. Comments should be back up now….

    anyone else want to host?

  45. Aaron B.,

    Did you know that the Park Ivy was run by members of a cult? It’s true. My sister-in-law’s grandmother is their leader/prophet. Vegetarianism is one of the requirements of membership. I ate there once and I thought it was pretty terrible food. A bicycle shop has taken its place, which I am quite happy about since it is a pretty good shop.

    Anyhow, the BEST food in Utah is at the Center Cafe in Moab.

  46. john fowles says:

    If nothing is set up for Steve’s visit, we can probably have a gathering at my house for the event of D’s visit. Allison’s family won’t be in town then.

    Steve, if you’re downtown visiting D’s sister, we could still grab lunch if you’re interested. I would like that. Let me know. Shoot me an email.

  47. I’m currently in talks with Macy about hosting on Wednesday night, a week from tonight. We have a possible scheduling conflict that could mess us up. I’ll give more details as they develop.

  48. Silus Grok says:

    This will be the second week of February? Count me in!

    As for where’s and what-fors, I don’t know everyone’s budget, but good food is easily had all over SLC… Bubbu’s Southern BBQ, which is down about 9th East and 53rd South is really good and convivial; there are several excellent brew-pubs; and there are also some other wonderful restaurants downtown (Xiao Li for Chinese is very good).

    On the Café Rio battle, I’m squarely in their camp: might fine grub… and to-die-for tres leches.

  49. Ryan, any news? You’re our only hope.

  50. Silus Grok says:

    Ah, I see now… we have competing dates: next week and the following week. Steve will be in town next week and D will be here the following.

    I’m 100% available for D’s get together, and about 50-50 on Steve’s. Nothing personal… just that a friend wants to do a road trip to IKEA next Wednesday.

  51. A road trip — to IKEA? Isn’t the closest Ikea in California? All that way for crappy furniture?

  52. It’s a go. Let’s plan on Wednesday night, a week from tonight, at 7:30. More details to come.

    So far I have tentative acceptances from Steve, Bob, Jim F. Who else? By the way, I think an appearance from John Hatch would be fantastic. What are the chances, John? (I’m only about four blocks south of the U, if that helps).

  53. I’ll try to convince him, but you have to pretend to be liberal for one night, Ryan.

  54. Steve, I can promise I’ll be liberal with the artichoke dip, will that do? Actually, all you have to do is invite all of my close friends from around here, and they’ll tell you I’m nothing but a flaming left-wing nut. I guess it depends on your perspective.

  55. Brrrrr its cold in New York. But we’re thrilled to be here. I’m still paying attention to this thread and if I can escape next Wednesday I’ll make an appearance.

  56. john fowles says:

    Depending on what exactly the activity is for Wed. night, I might be able to come. We just couldn’t host it b/c of Allison’s family being in town and the events that will be happening based on that. I would love to come by. Ryan, can you email me your address at john dot fowles at gmx dot net? I am really glad that a gathering will still happen even though I wasn’t able to host it in the end.

  57. Bob Caswell says:

    You realize, Ryan, that this time there is no escaping an encounter with Bob… Our conversations may have fizzled out over the last few months but in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been the slightly-more-conservative liberal over here at BCC. I’m excited to be in company where someone else can take the brunt of the “being conservative” opposition. In following john fowles’ lead, send me an email at bobcaswell at fiber dot net.

  58. Assuming that my boss doesn’t find something for me to do between now and then, I, too, can come. Send me an e-mail with details too: james underscore faulconer at byu dot edu

    Can I bring something?

  59. john fowles says:

    Jim can make it this time? This is really too bad that I can’t host it this time. Just know that I would have loved too but scheduling difficulties got in the way. With any luck, I can at least show up.

    [Jim: I have seen your picture before on your T&S bio but that doesn’t stop me from imagining you like Jack Bristow on Alias. You probably don’t watch it, but that face and character have somehow occupied the Jim Faulconer category in my mind. I want to attend the gathering at Ryan’s if for no other reason than to break this somewhat annoying phenomenon that happens whenever I read your posts, that is, hearing Jack Bristow reading them to me. . . .]

  60. lol, John, that’s a really funny phenomenon. Jim for me is a little more Brian Cox, from the Bourne Supremacy and X2. Okay, Cox is a villain in both of those movies, but in the movie of Jim’s life, he plays a nice guy. I hope you can make it as well, John.

    I will send an email with directions and other details early next week.

    While the house is definitely on the smaller side, I look forward to seeing whether other Salt Lake area bloggers can make it. Let me know if anyone else is available and interested. Daniel, what’s your status?

  61. LOL, man you guys are in for a surprise.

  62. D. Fletcher says:

    Hey Dan, if you’re in town, you should look me up. I won’t be in Church this Sunday, as far as I know…