New Blogger!

We are really, really pleased to announce that a new blogger is joining BCC.  We’ve been impressed with Kris Wright’s writing over at A Grain of Salt and at Feminist Mormon Housewives, so we bribed and threatened Microsoft-style until she agreed to join us here.  Here’s what you need to know about Kris:

  • She joined the church at 21, at the end of her fourth year of university, taking over a year to join the church (Kris notes, "watch for how I became a Mormon and a feminist in the same year").
  • After living in the south of France and travelling around Europe, she returned to do a master’s in 19th century American women’s history.
  • To make a long story short, she now has four children: 3 boys and a girl (ages 10, 8, 6 and 4.)

Kris is really interested in alternative energy and house building, especially straw bale houses (which results in her hearing lots of three little pigs jokes from members of her ward).  Before this fall, she was an upstanding citizen of cyberspace who just e-mailed, googled and went to Amazon occasionally — but then, she met Kristine (who casually mentioned that she blogged).  She decided to check out some Evil Blog and the rest is history — plus a lot of unfinished domestic tasks.

Welcome Kris!  We’re glad to have you aboard.


  1. Glad to see you here Kris.

    We’ve considered a straw bale house- there are a few in our area. Or maybe a monolithic dome house. What we’re really interested in is learning to build sandbag houses.

  2. Welcome Kris! I’m very much looking forward to your posts.

  3. Um, I just noticed that the way I wrote that bio sounds like Kris’ Masters Degree led to the babies. I don’t think they were required under the curriculum, but Kris can explain.

  4. And I guess now everyone understands the requirements for female bloggers at bcc–your name has to start with K or be a derivative of Christine. Some of us are overachievers and fill both conditions :)

    One exception exists, of course, for persons with the first three letters of their first and last names identical. Perhaps we should be looking for some Christine Christensen’s as urtypical bcc bloggers :)

  5. I really have enjoyed the FMH site. Hope this goes well.

  6. Thanks for the welcome :) I’m excited and terrified to be here! Now if I can figure out Typepad …..

  7. Aw Kris, it ain’t so bad. Email me if you have any problems.

  8. Also, Dave’s Mormon Inquiry published a Typepad primer a while back. You can view it here.

  9. BTW, if anyone is in the Dallas area, Jan Shipps will be speaking in Plano (at the 9th ward building) in February — I’d love to have a bloggernacle activity in connection with that.

    At least for bloggers who link to my blog ;)

  10. You do understand Steve, that this means war.

  11. Dirty little thief ;-)

    Although I can’t say that I fault your taste.

  12. Lisa, we can still be friends — I gave you Sumer, for crying out loud!!

  13. Sumer gave herself.

    You, my friend, have given me nothing! Nothing!

    I like chocolate.

  14. For you, Lisa, anything :)

  15. Ah, for chocolate …

  16. Steve gave Lisa Sumer? That phrasing calls to mind the Joseph Smith and Heber story — you know, “give me your wife” and all that. (Did Joseph ever meet Rodney Dangerfield?)

    By the way, Steve, you ought to add Kris W to the list of “About BCC” bloggers.

  17. On vacation K-man, no time to update the HTML…. but it’s on my to-do list.


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