My Funny Valentine

As I write this, I’m finishing off the pan of rice krispie treats Sumer made this evening.  One more reason why I love her.  Have I ever told you that I married the most wonderful woman in the universe?

Forgive me as I indulge in some flattery, for no good reason other than it’s Valentine’s Day.

Sumer knows me better than anyone else in the world.  I love her completely and trust her completely.  I’ve never met anyone with such a complete capacity to love and care for others, and not a day passes that I wish I weren’t more like her.  We have a completely codependent relationship in every way.  It’s great.

Sumer has a wicked fast temper that can flare up in a second, then pass away just as quickly.  I love being married to a quirky firebrand.

Sumer melts like butter when you rub her back just so.  She cries at sad movies, gets scared during scary movies and laughs out loud during comedies.  She wears her heart on her sleeve and I love her for it.

Sumer was performing in a comedy group called the Garrens when I first saw her, on stage.  I shamelessly picked up on her during the intermission, got her number from a friend and stalked her until she dated me.  We made out like bandits, then broke up in angry fights, swearing never to talk to each other again.  then, the next semester, we’d get together again.  This went on for three years before we grew up and married each other.  For her first Valentine’s Day present I got her a hot dog from 7-11.  She cried with gratitude.  This is when I realized that I love a crazy woman.

Happy Valentine’s Day, crazy woman.

Feel free to share your own valentines.  Nothing says "I love you" quite like a comment to a bloggernacle thread.


  1. Now if only everyone could be as lucky as you to have someone like Sumer love them. You are a good match as Sumer is pretty lucky to have someone who expresses his love for her so eloquently – nothing is more romantic than a 7-11 hotdog! Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

  2. The unthinkable has finally happened. Another Melissa is out there somewhere in the blogosphere! The above post is not from me, the Melissa of Times and Seasons (To think of T&S as constitutive of my online identity is rather strange).

    It’s not that I disapprove of the comment. I’m just unhappy that mistaken attributions can now occur.

  3. Melissa(s),

    I think it was a similar identity crisis that led Jim Faulconer to post as Jim F., and Jim Lucas as JWL. We all have crosses to bear. So far the duelling Melissas have not caused too many problems. Who knows what the future may hold?

  4. That’s one benefit of a name like Kaimi — I don’t have to worry much about misattribution. (Of course, it also prevents me from using misattribution as a defense — if I say something, I’m pretty much stuck with it).


    Great post. I’ve always been impressed with Sumer’s empathy and kindness. I still remember her showing up when we were moving and helping out, _all day_. She must have carried a hundred boxes. And she’s not exactly built like a bouncer. I didn’t know that she performed comedy, but that makes sense — she definitely has an understated sense of humor.

    And hey, she puts up with you on a regular basis, which definitely qualifies her for sainthood.

    I do have one correction to make to your post, however. You write “I married the most wonderful woman in the universe.” This can’t be correct, however, because _I_ married the most wonderful woman in the universe. (And the church doesn’t allow polyandry anymore).

    But that’s a topic for another comment.

  5. Careful Kaimi, you’re bordering on the over-praising stuff Jim Richins is talking about.

    Mardell is definitely superior to you, K-man; however, in a street fight, I’d pick Sumer any day. She’s spry, and fights dirty.

  6. My dear husband gave me cheese on our first v-day together, and now he gives me cheese every year. Today I got some Basque Goat Cheese and a couple of Blues and this Irish Chedder with veins of porter (whatever that is) . . . Can’t remember what else but can you say YUM.

    Anyway, nothing says I love you like a chunck -o- cheese.

  7. Aw, that’s sweet Lisa — truly this is the cheesiest of all days…

  8. Lisa,

    That Irish porter cheese is pretty good. It’s one of Mardell’s all-time favorites.

  9. For her first Valentine’s Day present I got her a hot dog from 7-11. She cried with gratitude.

    Dude, are you sure she wasn’t crying because it was a hot dog? :)

  10. re: names
    I checked into the Blogosphere as Chad too because there was another Chad out there at T&S at the time, but I haven’t seen hide nor pixel of him since. I could drop the ‘too,’ but everyone knows (and dare I say ‘and loves’) me this way now.

    Even though we’d really just dated a few weeks, my girlfriend (now sweet wife) gave me a Sam’s Club-sized package of precut carrot sticks for Christmas because she knew I liked them but hated cutting them. I’m still trying to catch up to the thoughtfulness of that one. :-)

  11. I’ve thought of dropping Danithew a number of times but the possibility of mis-application is what leaves me keeping it. I’d hate to type out my whole name every time. Plus there’s a number of Daniel Bartholomews out there (one being my Dad, plus the evil twin I never met … he’s out there somewhere). Who knows how many Daniel B.’s there are out there. So I’m sticking with my awful-sounding combo-moniker.

  12. I missed the comments to this post yesterday, but I, like Melissa in post #2, had an identity crisis yesterday. That’s why I’ve added the “P.” to my signature to distinguish me from Heather of The Heather Show (who in all fairness was here first) and Heather Oman and countless other Heathers who may be or may become bloggernacle participants. So, for the record, ’tis I, Heather P., of Explorations, who will be commenting thusly.

    Cute post, Steve.

  13. Helps me remember that marriage won’t be so bad after all. Being single is fun, but I look forward to the sweet nature that my husband will (hopefully) have.

  14. Hey, I like Sumer too but her feet are just sooooo small. Plus, she only has one ‘m’ in her name which always makes me think about Sumerians, which sucks because I just know so little about them except they lived by the Tigris and Euphrates, and as far as rivers go I gotta say I prefer the mighty Mississippi if only for the legalized gambling which adds a charming touch of (subversive) culture to otherwise sleepy southern hamlets. Still, you got a nice catch there Steve.

  15. Lamar Cole says:

    Love is a path to the heart that knows its own way.