Sidebar Update

You may notice a new icon on our right-hand sidebar: is the home of the Mormon Archipelago, an affiliation of quality LDS blogs.  We’re proud to link to their central site, which has some great features.  Keep it up, guys.


  1. I notice that M* still isn’t linked. Where’s the love, man?

    If T&S is The Evil Blog, can we be Mini-me?

  2. An inadvertent lapse. I’ll put you up.

  3. I like the name. Thanks!

  4. Steve,

    You need a better handle for the Archipelago.

    May I suggest “No man is an Island.”

    (or perhaps “I am a Rock.” or maybe the Plates of Hagoth.)

  5. Mark B. says:

    Or the Gu-blog Archipelago.

  6. Steve, speaking of adding links, any chance of my blog joining the chorus?

  7. BTW I’d like you ask you do do as I did (here and link to the Times and Seasons thread with Alessia’s name in the link to increase the chance that a web search in her name will lead her to the story.

  8. Stephen,

    If you’re going to keep spamming blogs, you may want to check your grammar.

  9. Yeah, that do do really stinks.

  10. Shawn Bailey says:

    ARJ: best laugh I had all day. muito obrigado.

  11. Shawn,

    Obrigado a voce! Anything to make you laugh. How are things going? We are crazy busy, but excited to be moving back to the promised land this year. I think Spencer has the right idea though, living in a warm climate…

  12. Shawn Bailey says:

    John: All is well with us, but I think it will be a few years before we move back to our lovely Deseret. I think your promised land reference just caused me to quote two pioneer hymns in a single sentence. Anyway, I used to say maybe we would never be back, but we miss our families, dry western air, and hiking in southern utah. The DC area’s lack of free babysitting and high cost of living are also pushing us back. Good luck with your move! I am looking forward to seeing Spencer this summer at our ten year reunion. And I do envy those who spend their winters in Phoenix. But I would prefer to summer further north: Wyoming, Montana, Canadian Rockies, etc. Another nice thing about Utah: central location to the beauties of the west.

  13. HL Rogers says:

    You know Shawn, you can get all that and more in Southern California–it’s paradise here. 30 minutes from snowy mountains to our east and 30 minutes to the beach on our west.

  14. Shawn Bailey says:

    HL: are you offering to baby-sit my daughter for free?

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