Our Intern

The major players at BCC have grown tired of fetching their own Sanka and herbal teas, making their own copies of Sunstone and composing their own snarky replies.  The liberal machine must roll on — but how?

We got ourselves an intern.

HL Rogers has volunteered to be gopher, lackey, peon and sycophant all rolled into one (ironically, this fits in nicely with HL’s real-life job as a junior lawyer).  HL will reply snarkily when the rest of us are unavailable, and will post threads of his own once the senior Powers That Be review his work and provide markups.  How long will HL perform these tasks at BCC?  Until he’s ready to stand on his own.  You think we just started blogging at this level of professionalism overnight?

In exchange for his services HL will receive a BCC t-shirt* and will be shortstop on our bloggernacle softball team**.  See here for further details of typical intern duties.

* Not including shipping in handling.  T-shirts will be made available upon production.
**  Team participation subject to Team Manager approval.


  1. Davis Bell says:

    Nice acquisition. I might actually read BCC now.

  2. HL Rogers says:

    They actually brought me in to be the ringer for the softball team. Switch hitter, southpaw on the mound (I know it’s enough to make the other bloggernacle softball captains drool).

  3. D. Fletcher says:

    “Switch hitter,” … means something quite different, to me.

  4. Shawn Bailey says:

    Finally, someone on BCC who can disco better than John Travolta on Saturday Night Fever!

    HL, for what it’s worth, I think you can stand on your own right now. So endure well this period of hazing. May the path to Powers That Be status be shorter than the path to partner.

  5. Kristine says:

    Hey HL! Welcome aboard. I think I was sitting right in front of you during the panel discussion with Nate & Kaimi at the LDS law students conference. I missed my chance to introduce myself and have you fetch me Diet Coke! Won’t make that mistake again :)

  6. We all know it’ll be just a matter of time before H.L. torches the place. Once the genious starts rolling, there simply ain’t no stoppin’ it.