International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! One of my favorite holidays that no one in America celebrates…which is a shame.  I think that International Women’s Day has such potential–it’s a celebration of women without the guilt and angst associated with Mother’s day.  Plus, in my mind, because I discovered it while living in Russia, it has slightly vague socialist overtones…celebrate the women, heroes of our great progressive culture. 

So, BCC readers, as celebration of this great heroic day of progressivist good is basically a blank slate here in America, I solicit your suggestions.  How should we celebrate International Women’s Day?  (Can’t think of anything buy flowers for the women you love…Russia still does some things right…)


  1. I was wondering why google has the female sign in its lettering today.

  2. Elder Nelson says:

    I have a great suggestion.

    You women can come over to my house and make me doughnuts, and I can tell you stories about priesthood meeting.

  3. Woo-hoo! The Salt Lake Library had a little shindig yesterday to celebrate National Woman’s Day. Sponsored by NOW (which I dont fully support, but whatcha gunna do?). My roommate works for an organization that helps settle refugees in SLC, and they had a little booth there. I watched a screening of a documentary discussing the matriachal society of the Zapotec in Mexico. Muy intersante. The women there are the primary providers of the home.

    The local chapter president of NOW boasted of being the largest and oldest woman’s organization for the advancement and well-being of women. Doesnt the Relief Society fall in there somewhere?

    Well, I will have to come up with some snazzy way to celebrate tonight as I am a woman, and it is the last day of my job. My contract is up, I am jobless. I need somthing to take the uncertainty of my employment off my mind. I am open for ideas as well.

  4. I dont make doughnuts, but I do make a killer peach cobbler. Wait a minute…..

  5. I think we should eat a batch of fried chicken.

  6. I also noticed the Google sign, but having been to Russia, I remembered the date and understood. It really is the only day all year that women in Russia are treated well. Hurrah!

    My companions and I used to joke that it was “International Women’s Day, celebrated only in Russia” (not actually a sexist joke, instead an ironic comment on Soviet Era grandiosity).

    I liked the day, although it was used to justify the great amount of nonsense that Russian women had to put up with the rest of the year. Oh well. Do what we did in Russia: make some female subway turnstile monitor’s day and buy her some flowers.

    One last thing, Kim, that’s your answer to everything!

  7. I think we should spend the day talking about how much women do for us and how it doesn’t matter that they don’t hold many civic or religious leadership positions, how it doesn’t matter that they don’t make as much as men, etc. We should talk up their own organizations like book clubs, quilting societies, and the PTA. We should give lip service to the importance of motherhood and talk about how it’s the most important job in the world, but then be out of touch with the struggles it includes and treat it as if it isn’t really stressful or hard. And we should definitely make sure that men speak up and insist that if they had been in women’s shoes for the past 200 years, they’d be just fine and dandy with everything.

    Or…we could remember milestones in women’s rights movements, and honor those who went before (quick, name me five civil rights leaders – ok, good, now name me five women’s rights leaders of the past 100 years – ain’t easy, is it?) We could educate men on some of the struggles women still have. We could make a woman’s studies class a mandatory part of college curriculum. Instead of having men weep in Church over their wives and talk about how they worship the ground they walk on and other things that sound nice but are ultimately meaningless, we could have them run a household so their wives can go to school, work, etc.

    Just a few ideas…

  8. The Russian club on my campus is celebrating with a special Russian dinner served up by the dining service and flowers to all the girls in the club.

    I don’t think anyone else on campus — and it’s a pretty liberal one — even notices the date as anything special. “International Women’s Day, celebrated only in Russia” seems right on, John C.

  9. John, I think you’ve apportioned out celebration for the entire year. 364 days a year celebrating paragraph #1, and today to celebrate paragraph#2. Well done! :o)

  10. John C,

    But it is so applicable in so many situations. When you analyse it, it contains quite a complex meaning.

  11. Bob Caswell says:

    “International Women’s Day, celebrated only in Russia”

    Where’s the love for Bulgaria? Women there usually GIVE out chocolate to their friends on this day… But I’m not sure if that’s a suggestion Karen wanted to hear. :-)

  12. They do celebrate “Dzien Kobiet” with flowers for women in Poland too (but that’s another nation formerly-known-as-Soviet).

  13. Bob, do they have chocolate in Bulgaria? Is its distribution a form of punishment?

  14. Bob Caswell says:

    Although distributing chocolate would be a form of punishment for me, I don’t know that I’ve met a Bulgarian who hasn’t done it out of the kindness of his/her heart.

  15. HL Rogers says:

    This all reminds me of celebrating May Day in elementary school. On May 1 we’d make baskets of flowers in class (usually out of construction paper)and take them around to people. It was only much later that I discovered I had been celebrating a socialist holiday as a child. But the paper flowers were really fun to make!

  16. Bob,
    I love all the former Warsaw Pact countries in all of their oddity. I am never sure how far the various Russification projects extended so I never really know how much Soviet dogma was enforced in the hinterlands (speaking from the perspective of a Moscovite).
    I always thought the “international” in international woman’s day was like the international in the jacksonville florida international airport. Earned by the equivalent of one flight to the Bahamas.

  17. Bob Caswell says:

    John C.,

    I’m sure all the former Warsaw Pact countries love us in our oddity too. :-)

  18. I hope this isn’t obnoxious, but I just stumbled upon a site selling T-shirts and stuff that say “nobody knows I’m a liberal mormon”. It cracked me up.

    I guess there are plenty of us out there.

  19. Get outta here, you huckster! We’ve seen your ads all over the Bloggernacle now…