Conference Comment Bingo

A three-blog winner-take-all one-day tournament. The results, as of Saturday midnight PST: In third place, M Star with 9 comments split between two posts. In second place, T&S with 37 comments on one post. And the winner of Saturday’s Conference Comment Bingo match, BCC with 48 all-over-the-map comments on this post. Winning comment bingo cards can be cashed in for canned goods at the nearest bishop’s storehouse. But don’t make this a habit!


  1. Yeah, but we’re going for the blackout on the substantive conference post card.

  2. Bryce, man — a substantive conference roundup? Dream on, dude. I think we’ve got the right idea around here — meaningless snarks and a testy little back-and-forth — just like sitting with your family!

  3. Aaron Brown says:

    I am struck by how many more conference comments we have than Milennial Star. I can only assume it is a reflection of our greater spirituality.

    Aaron B

  4. …or the fact that the folks at M* are actually giving their undivided attention to Conference.

  5. Aaron Brown says:

    Nice theory, Eric, but I’m quite confident that it’s all about the righteousness differential. :)

    Aaron B

  6. Actually, we’ve had literally thousands of comments, but only a select few are of high enough quality to pass our exacting standards.

  7. I am truly shocked to find out that Latter-day Saints might be playing Bingo!! Especially after it was just condemned in GC. :)

  8. Taylor: I am truly shocked to find out that Latter-day Saints might be playing Bingo!!

    Since one of President Hinckley’s main concerns about gambling (I presume you’ve lumped bingo in there as well, even though, to my best recollection, it wasn’t specifically mentioned by name) was that nothing of value is obtained (by the losers, at least) during the act of gambling (which point, most days of the week, would definitely be debatable, but since it’s the President of the Church that said it, all debatability has now been tossed out the window), I’m wondering how long it will take for the Brethren to get around to specifically mentioning, oh, say, video games, as being a morally bankrupt way to waste one’s time and obtain nothing of value in the playing thereof.

    For that matter, will amusement park rides come to be seen as sinful since they, too, are ultimately a waste of time wherein nothing of value is obtained? (I’m suddenly reminded of the image of the carnival game participants in the old “Man’s Search For Happiness” movie.)

    What else can we lump under the “no value received for the cost” category?

  9. Mark N. —

    Bingo was mentioned specifically (Pres. Hinckley recounted a conversation with a leader from another church that financed itself through bingo).

    Someone has has commented specifically on the uselessness of video games in priesthood session of general conference. I think it was Elder Nelson.

  10. a random John says:

    texas hold ’em -> video poker -> video games -> televison -> movies -> plays -> opera -> literature -> scriptures

  11. Mark N. says:

    Everything I know about what determines the value of something I learned from watching “Johnny Lingo”. One man’s two cow wife is another man’s ten cow wife.

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