New Poll: The Fate of the Intern

The power is in your hands, bloggernauts: what shall we do with HL Rogers?  Vote in the poll.

If it helps your decision-making, he makes really bad coffee.


  1. Buuurn him!!!

  2. If HL weighs as much as a duck, then he’s made of wood. And therefore…

  3. Could I see a copy of his resume? References? Any previously undisclosed affiliations with so-called intellectuals or other apostate groups? I need additional information to assess his qualifications before casting my vote.

  4. What, no boardroom?

  5. Can we vote the new color scheme off of the island while we’re at it? Even I can tell it’s awful.

  6. a random John says:

    Perhap while he is still the intern he can explain to me why the Bullock/Hansen wedding is on the sidebar? Anybody want to contribute to a group gift?

  7. Davis Bell says:

    HL may not have what it takes to be a BCC permablogger. To wit:

    1. He actually writes posts at BCC; that fact alone may disqualify him.

    2. He’s interesting, reasonable, and smart.

  8. Davis: Snap! You sure know how to lay on a burn!!

  9. HL has my vote, if only for the post on priestcraft. The thought that someone else wants to join me in cleansing the temple, as it were, keeps me happy even when I have to see news coverage of the Bush administration.

  10. Tomatoes, that sidebar stuff on the right is automatically generated to pick up mormon headlines. The left-hand sideblog is all our fault, however.

  11. a random John says:

    I still think there should be a group gift!

  12. Aaron Brown says:

    Put him in the Iron Maiden ….

    Aaron B

  13. Iron Maiden?..Excellent!

  14. ARJ- I especially liked the fact that the Bullock/Hansens announced they are honeymooning in McCall, Idaho. Is that like Sun Valley, Idaho or more like Pocatello, Idaho? Either way, I can see Napoleon Dynamite paving the way for an exciting new Idaho honeymoon industry.

  15. Personally, I think the wedding announcements on the sideblog give the headline scroll a nice down-to-earth touch. A reminder there are still nice people out there who don’t have a clue about blogging, and who are probably entirely unaware that hundreds of people, strangers really (or: really strange people) have read about their impending marriage. Best of luck to Courtney and Troy. I suppose we could send them a free gift subscription to The Bloggernacle Times, from “Your Friends in the Bloggernacle.”

    Random John, I’m thrilled someone actually reads the sideblog headlines!

  16. a random John says:


    Sorry for the continued thread-jack. Maybe this is punishment for a sin. Anyhow, I can’t resist.

    First, I was wrong. It is the Ray/Hansen wedding. That thing was too hard to read. The best part is… they are registered at Target!

    So while it would be fun to get them that 11-band high performance radar detector so that Troy can veer off the road and kill them both while on their way be to Ricks, I am thinking maybe some cheap bowls, or some towels. Towels seem to be the cheapest thing that you can get them from the website. Who is in? We have to act fast, they get married tomorrow!

  17. HL Rogers says:

    No problem. I was just wondering what to get the newlyweds and was fresh out of ideas. I thought deer jerky–but how to get it there without it spoiling? Now I can just get them an assembly-required-faux-wood entertainment center (like the one I have).

  18. Chad Too says:

    Shouldn’t Napoleon be taming them a wild honeymoon stallion or something?

  19. Put HL Rogers on a bicycle and pelt him with steaks. :)