Graduation Day

Official announcement: our intern, HL Rogers, has successfully completed his internship.  Management, while still skeptical of HL, has agreed nonetheless to extend a permanent position to the young blogger.  All give a hearty welcome to our new permablogger, HL Rogers!


  1. Long overdue. Forget this Evans-bollocks, HL, and blog away.

  2. HL Rogers says:

    Ronan, I will gladly take any advice that includes the term “bollocks”.

  3. Congrats, HL! And, welcome to the blog!

  4. Wow, good show, HL. BCC is getting tougher. It used to be that to get a permablogger gig here all you needed was a valid email address.

  5. email AND a pulse, Bryce.

  6. Chad Too says:

    ***checking own pulse***

    Nah, there’s got to be more to it than that!
    I’m guessing Bryce is blogging one-hand with a filled newborn diaper in the other. Now if I produced such an offering…

  7. Justin H says:

    Rock on, HL. When are they going to add your picture to the banner at the top of the page?

  8. Aaron Brown says:

    Welcome, HL, but don’t think this means you don’t still have to bring me my decaf latte each morning. As to whether your promotion relieves you from having to give Steve those thrice-daily, mandatory backrubs, you’ll have to check with him.

    Aaron B

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