New Mormon journal

Announcing the creation of a new Mormon periodical –

"Archipelago: a Mormon Studies E-journal"

Archipelago will serve as a place for people to publish work that they are not inclined to polish-off to a print journal standard, and for junior scholars to gain publishing experience. We will, however, demand professional writing: all articles will be peer-reviewed and edited. It is our intention to run the gamut of Mormon studies: scripture, theology, history, and Mormonalia of all stripes. In tone we hope to be Englandesque:

…to be obedient while maintaining integrity, to have faith while being true to reason, to serve and love in the face of imperfections and offenses…

We are looking for people to serve on the editorial board. All those who are interested, please email your academic credentials to ronan at Hopefully we can assemble a range of LDS scholars who can review papers and assist with publication. Currently serving on the board of Archipelago are:

Ronan J. Head, M.Phil. (Oxford)

John Fowles, M.St. (Oxford), J.D. (BYU)

John Crawford, Ph.D. (ABD, Johns Hopkins)

Archipelago will publish biannually; our first issue will be published on the internet later this year.

(Please be patient waiting for me to reply. My access to email is likely to be sketchy for a while.)


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    Archipelago: a Mormon Studies E-journal will be published biannually.

    For details, see the announcement by Ronan here.

    [Update: Since the announcement does not allow comments, please feel free to discuss here]