Sidebar Update

We’ve added a new blog to the roll, Banner of Heaven, under "An Army With Banners" (as in, terrible).  Please let me know if you spot any incorrect or defunct links.


  1. a random John says:


    Please elaborate. What do you mean by “terrible”? Can you give an example?

  2. Steve,
    Who do I have to compliment, flatter, or bribe to get on the blogroll?

  3. John C., you’re not up? permit me to rectify that.

    rJ: I was making a scriptural allusion, Song of Solomon 6:4, “Thou art beautiful, O my love, as Tirzah, comely as Jerusalem, terrible as an army with banners.” But yeah, sometimes those guys over there have me scratching my head (i.e., Aaron Cox).

  4. Thanks, Steve!

    (The check is in the mail)

  5. John, you’re up as Rumor Mill.

  6. a random John says:


    I got the allusion. In fact that was the second best laugh I’ve had all day. First was reading a certain post at the blog being discussed. It was an “at” laugh rather than a “with” laugh, and I feel a bit guilty about it.

  7. At least we now know what scriptures Steve has been studying. I mean, I expect this of Kaimi, but you…

  8. N Miller says:

    I thought they were already in the blogroll as “under the banner”.

  9. While we’re at it, I, like John C., want to point to the fact that my blog isn’t listed either! Yes, indeed. How petulant am I!

  10. NM, you’re right, my bad.

    Roasted, give me a witty moniker for the blog and I’ll put it up.

  11. What, I have to be the witty one? I’ve just lost my testimony of BCC…

    Let me get back to you on that.

  12. My, my, Mr. Steve Evans is sooooo clever, calling our blog terrible. You’re a class act, Evans. I notice you comment there often enough.

  13. It’s terrible in the scriptural sense, septimus. As in great and terrible.

    As you know, BCC does word plays for all of its links. It’s pretty funny, if you can laugh about it.

  14. RT,
    I think the link title should somehow mention Che or the Man.

  15. My wife and I, when talking about our blogging activities, sometimes call ourselves the “guerilla insurgency.” But I don’t think that would make the BCC cut.

    There just aren’t that many puns for “liberation front.” That’s why I had been excited to see what Steve would come up with–but I guess the joke’s on me.

    John C., if you can put together an idea, I’ll thank you profusely. Actually, that’s an open invitation: can anyone help me figure out a funny link title for my site?

  16. I’ve got one. See if you can find it!

  17. Good one, Steve. I was going to suggest Mormonista!

  18. BTW, I just noticed your link to Ministering Angels. You are a cruel, cruel man.

  19. I get the joke Jordan. I’m sure the double meanings intentional and okay, fine, but mocking Aaron’s not cool. The guy has opinions like everyone and everyone has the opinion to go tell him he’s wrong.

    And Steve stop sending me e-mails!

  20. Sarah Marina gets to be a Saucy Wench and we at Ministering Angels are, what? chopped liver?

    Ah, well. It beats the Provo Pulse.

  21. Sorry Sep., I guess you don’t want to be a BCC permablogger after all!

  22. yeah one terrible blog is plenty but stop it.

  23. Steve, thanks!

  24. “Meat Market”?!?!? You named us the Meat Market?? You realize I’m too old for a singles’ ward! Aaaarggghhh! Married people like you make me want to be a nun.

    In the words of Opus, “THBBBBBBT!”