My latest project is a website designed to help beginner to intermediate Internet users better understand the world of computers. While I do want to provide something useful, I’m not opposed to serving two masters through my use of advertising. Although I have a great domain name, at this point I’m trying to gain exposure and seek quality feedback and, if appropriate, get other sites to link to What better place to ask for feedback than the Bloggernacle? If you get a chance, check it out and give me your take on the ads, content, and design.


  1. It’s looking good. And what a domain name! Back in the good old days, the domain name alone would have been worth half a fortune.

  2. Your Internet Browsers article states there are three browsers, which is actually false; even when you don’t take into consideration ac browsers (is this a Windows-only site).

  3. Bob Caswell says:

    The site says:

    “There are three browsers, which will be compared here…”

    Of course there are more than three browsers out there, but there are only three being compared on the site, making it such that the original statement is not false. And yes, this is primarily a site for Windows-based computers, as that constitutes the majority of computer users, especially within the context of newer computer users.

  4. Bob Caswell says:

    One more thing, Kim, I can see the possible confusion so I changed the wording to “there are three browsers that will be compared here.” But I have to ask, did you really think I would undertake a project explaining computers if I thought there were only three browsers available in the world? I’m sure not all my information will be accurate all the time, but still, that’s like a website about cars saying, “there are three cars, which will be compared here.” and people assuming that the author actually thinks there are only three cars in the world. Does the rest of the site’s content really give me that little credibility? Nonetheless, thanks for pointing it out.

  5. “…there are three browsers that will be compared here…”

    That’s what I would have suggested. Whether you would have started a project knowing about more than three browsers or not is really irrelevant. I wasn’t questioning your intent; only questioning what the statement was saying.

  6. The site looks great, Bob! The design is clean and simple, like the instructions you provide. It’s almost as good looking as The Banner of Heaven.

  7. Bob Caswell says:

    Thanks, Miranda! You’re right, The Banner of Heaven is pretty good lookin’. I checked out your p0rn / divorce thread (and enjoyed most of it, thought the comments dragged on and on)… Nice way to create controversy. You’re nearly a Bloggernacle celebrity after that one.

  8. That’s very kind of you, Bob. I don’t use emoticons very often, but I should have put a wink after my boast. Nearly a bloggernacle celebrity? You charming devil. I had no idea. Have you read anything I’ve put up before or since?

  9. Bob Caswell says:

    “Have you read anything I’ve put up before or since?”

    Honestly, no. But I do like your style, so I’ll be checking out some more… How did you get involved in the Bloggernacle, anyway?

  10. In terms of design, you may not be able to change this because you are using TypePad, but the fact that your articles are dated like blog entries is something that I, at least, find confusing. I think a detailed index with categories and subcategories would be clearer and easier to navigate, especially for the beginning Internet user.

    Also, to be completely picky and to state my personal preference, I don’t like the peach/sand color.

  11. Bob, read up and send me some email. I’m trying to put together a mailbag post like Septimus did, but I’m not getting any questions. You’re a big name in the bloggernacle, and a question from you would be great.

    As far as the bloggernacle, Septimus got me aquainted with the bloggernacle when he started talking about creating a new blog.

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