Seattle Bloggersnacker

So, not to be out done by some other blog, we would like to
announce a party as well–except that you have less forewarning.  There will be a get together tomorrow, July 19th
at my house (just across the lake in Bellevue).
Festivities will start around 7:00 pm. Email me at jonathan at splendidsun dot com for directions.


  1. Aaron Brown says:

    Or, you could just post your directions online. Afraid that some crazed bloggernacle lurker will show up, are we?

    Aaron B

  2. a random John says:

    it seems that the burden of sitting at the top of the bloggernacle dogpile was too great and T&S has toppled off, taking their server with it. Anybody want to share what the link was to?

  3. Steve Evans says:

    Kristine HH is hosting a beach party in MA on the 30th. She also blogs here, so maybe you can cajole her into reposting here.

  4. I thought you were the only Seattlite around, J. Stapley. Is there really more up there?

    The KB’ers in LA should set one up.

  5. Yes, I am afraid.

    We will have some visitors: Geoff & Kristen J. and Kim Siever. A couple locals, myself, Matt Jacobsen and maybe Aaron (though he has not confirmed).

  6. Aaron Brown says:

    Consider me confirmed.

    Aaron B

  7. Woe! If I’d read this even two hours ago, I’d have tried to make it — but I’m already home (out nearer North Bend), and it’s 8:00…

    Just goes to show I should read BCC more often than every other day!

  8. Just got back… It was a smashing success. The Stapleys are wonderful hosts and we had a great time talking about all of y’all.

  9. Aaron Brown says:

    Agreed. It was fun meeting you all (all 6 of you). However, I must say the “clothing optional” aspect of the evening came as a bit of a surprise. In the future, J.Stapely, you really need to warn the Bloggernacle of these little details in advance, so as not to catch the more prudish of us unawares.

    Aaron B

  10. Nate Oman says:

    I note that this event was scheduled for after I returned home from Seattle. Thanks for the love…

  11. Agreed. A very enjoyable evening. I apologize for not being more explicit in my overtures to go au natural.

    Nate, if you would just stay for more than a day or so, we could have worked something out. Once you get the Oman’s involved, it is a family reunion though.

    I’ve debated whether or note to throw some character analysis into the comment; however, after the whole Enumclaw fiasco, I’m not sure that is such a good idea.

  12. lyle stamps says:

    if you asked nicely, maybe even Adam & Sarah Greenwood would grace you with their only slightly more southern geographical presence.

  13. Huh. And to think the whole clothing optional part was because my luggage never joined me in Seattle. I thought J as simply trying to make me more comfortable, I didn’t realise it was some rule for the party.

  14. I’m not a blogger–I actually have an LJ, eek!–but I’m in the Seattle area and read this blog occasionally. I should check back more often, didn’t realize there were Seattlites here.

  15. also just came across this; sorry I missed it – will hope there might be another occasion for Seattle-area Bloggers to meet up….