Mormons and the Bible in Philly

Mark your calendars, Bible fans. As part of the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature (to be held in Philadelphia, November 19-22, 2005), a group of BYU professors are hosting a session on Mormons and the Bible.

You have to join the SBL and attend the conference to see the session, but no doubt reports will be filed by ‘Nacleite Bible-philes who are in attendance. As many of said Bible-philes are impoverished graduate students, some sense of who is going may facilitate offers of couch-crashing or room-sharing among us.

Latter-day Saints and the Bible
1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

Theme: Joseph Smith as a Reader of the Bible

John Welch, Brigham Young University, Presiding (10 min)

Paul Hoskisson, Brigham Young University
Bibliographical Report on Joseph Smith and the Bible (20 min)

Kent Jackson, Brigham Young University
Joseph Smith as a Reader of the Bible (20 min)

Thomas Sherry, Brigham Young University
The Joseph Smith Translation: What It Is and What It Isn’t (20 min)

David Noel Freedman, University of California, San Diego
Response: Latter-day Saint Prospects for Biblical Study (20 min)


  1. Aaron Brown says:

    Sounds really interesting. I hope someone attends who can report back.

  2. I can put a couple of people up at my place. I live fairly close to UPenn (1 busride or 5 min cab).

  3. Lyle,
    I have two takers there. Trustworthy people, I can assure you. OK, one of them is trustworthy, the other I’m not so sure about.

  4. I am rooming with Cory Crawford (no relation). I am sure that we can probably sneak someone else in our overpriced room.

  5. Ronan: I have you and someone else down as taken. We could fit a few more; depending. Folks should email me directly. : )

    Although…we might as well plan the first ever Philly BloggerGetTogether while folks are in town. :)

  6. Lyle: Let’s do it! I hereby volunteer your food and your house.

  7. Dang! Sounds fun, but I probably won’t make SBL this year.