Shiver me timbers

‘Tis me birthday, arrgh.  And blow me down, but marked in me calendar I see ’tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Zounds!


  1. Avast! Happy Birthday Steve, may you be no older, only wiser. (As if that were possible!)

    The funny thing is, I already knew about TLAPD, because a good friend of mine married a man who is really into it. He apparently really spends the entire day talking like a pirate. He enjoyed it so much, he and his friends kept doing it, then his wife had to sit him down and tell him that he wouldn’t have fun on the real talk like a pirate day if he kept talking like a pirate on all the other days. (Kind of the, “we can’t give you presents all the time, then you wouldn’t like Christmas” talk from your parents.) Anyways, today is Christmas for pirate talkers. Arrrr.

  2. That be a mighty fine link, E.D. Yar!
    Have thee a happy birthday, Steve.
    Yo ho ho, and a bottle of imitation rum extract.

  3. This seems like a perfect time to rehash my crack about Elder L. Tom Perry being our pirate Apostle.

    “Farward! Press Farward my young Marman friends” (Arrgh)

  4. Avast! Scupper me gibblets, thar blasted typepad narry changed thar link to clickable goodness, ye mateys. Pologies to yon Flanders, aye.

  5. Do you know what kind of movies pirates like best?

    ARRRR rated.

  6. Always knew it was an arrrspecious day when ye was borned.

    But loved ye anyways.

  7. Aaaye, a happy day may ye have, matey, and many happy retaarns.

  8. Naomi Frandsen says:

    Happy birthday, Steve. It’s now 20 minutes after TLAP Day, so I can talk like a normal Mormon and not feel too guilty. A friend passed along the link earlier today, so I’ve been observing the event off and on since about 1:15 p.m. Turns out I can’t talk so good like a pirate. It comes out more Western, for some reason. Anyway, I read a little of the official website, and I have to say that all of your comments were far funnier than what they had there. Yur Mudder, my peg leg.