Blogging vs. Snogging

Blogging vs. Snogging [FN1].  Compare and contrast [FN2] and then you decide.

-Blogging is fun.  Snogging is fun.
-Blogging can be a little nerdy.  Snogging is for everyone.
-If you blog late at night, sometimes you’re a little embarrassed the next morning.  If you snog late at night, sometimes you’re a little embarrassed the next morning.
-Sometimes you get stuck blogging with trolls.  If you’re not careful, sometimes you can get stuck snogging with trolls.  [FN3]
-It’s totally okay to blog with married men.  It’s not okay to snog with married men.
-It’s healthy and useful to get comments and critiques on your blogs.  It’s really humiliating to get comments and critiques on your snogs.
-You don’t have to wait until you’re 16 to blog.  You have to wait until you’re 16 to snog.  [FN4]
-You can get eye strain from blogging.  You can get mono from snogging.
-If you cross the line, other people can turn you into your bishop for blogging.  If you cross the line, sometimes you have to turn yourself into the bishop for snogging.
-Group blogging is totally socially appropriate.  Group….[FN5]
-You can blog in public if you have a laptop and wifi.  You can snog in public if you have no shame.

1.  Maybe you’re wondering what snogging is.  It’s a lovely British term for "making out."  I hate the term "making out."  Making out like what, with what?  Like a bandit, with the money?  Clearly, the Brits do it better…errr at least they say it better.
2.  Just like high school English class! only fun! and without the acne and awkward teenage angst.
3.  I don’t mean real trolls.  I don’t believe in real trolls, and besides, I think they live in Scandinavia.  This is a metaphor. 
4.  Unless you’re edgy.  Something I know very little about.
5.  I’m too embarrassed to finish typing this sentence.  But you get the idea people.  Awkward and wrong, awkward and wrong.


  1. Katherine says:

    The footnotes are impossible small. If I had to choose one, I guess I’d give up blogging.

  2. What about getting a snog from someone you met on a blog?

  3. okay, footnotes fixed, although they don’t look so footnotish now.

    Talon, personal experience? Like to share? :o) Apparently there are some bloggersnackers going on that I wasn’t invited to!

  4. Karen, it’s perfectly fine to snog with a married man. I do it all the time.

  5. “Talon, personal experience? Like to share? :o) Apparently there are some bloggersnackers going on that I wasn’t invited to!”

    Nope, my Tomcat days are behind me. Now its strictly monogamous snogging with my beautiful wife. :-)

    (And I hope she reads that, as it can only lead to additional snogging!)

  6. I snog with a specific married man whenever I get the chance. He’s in Texas now, and I’m in Ohio, which kind of stinks. But really, there’s nothing wrong per se with snogging a married man. It’s dependent on one’s own relationship to said married man.

  7. Steve Evans says:

    Karen, will ANYONE choose blogging?? come on!!

  8. are you asking me to? Come on…I mean I like blogging and all, but that’s asking too much…

  9. Is my husband the only human to ever refer to making out as “loafing,” or is that a term people actually use?

  10. As snogging = french kissing, do we now refer to it as “freedom kissing?”

    OK, lame joke. But this is going to be a 100 comment mega-thread based on snogging, so hey, why not?

    Who says you can’t snog before 16, by the way? Dating no. Snogging….

    …is snogging necking?

    (OK, another case of Mormon-American imperialism. I had no idea growing up what this “necking” stuff they were going on about in FTSoY. So I plead innocence. They needed a British version that said, well, “snogging.”)

  11. College was great for euphamisms. Some of my favorites that were common among my freinds:

    Doing the Bullride
    Getting a nib

  12. Blogging usually leads to comments and deeper thoughts, snogging leads to …..

    I choose snogging, it’s more fun than blogging and what it leads to is too!

  13. Gettin’ a Piece
    Chupando Cara
    Tapping It (though this means more to non-Mormons)
    etc, etc

  14. Ann, you make a good point. At my point in life, I’d be in serious trouble if I made out with a man who man not married.

  15. Steve Evans says:

    Perhaps I need to remind you all of the dangers of the “soul kiss“…

  16. Steve Evans says:

    I hope you all take the time to read that article carefully that I linked to. My favorite quote: “There is one kind of kiss that is absolutely not appropriate unless you’re married. Here’s a hint: Parlez vous français?”

  17. I choose snogging, it’s more fun than blogging and what it leads to is too!

    This is the trouble with blogging, TMI (Don is my dad).

  18. I think I prefer snogging to any of the other alternative terms offered here (doing the bullride … ewwww). I also would choose to snog than blog.

  19. NICMO
    Tonsil Hockey

    I have never heard “Loafing”, that must be a regional dialect.

  20. Steve, I think my favorite part of that article is the fact that it gave a pronunciation guide to “parlez-vous francais.” Clearly, this is the information that is most important…pronouncing the euphemism.

  21. This was my favorite part:

    “What’s the difference between your knee and higher? When asked that question at our firesides some say, “About ten inches.” One young man shouted out, “About ten minutes.” Unfortunately, he’s probably right”

    Thats good comedy.

  22. D. Fletcher says:

    I like jogging, myself.

  23. There are so many ways to go with that comment….

  24. Aaron Brown says:

    Sometimes, when I’m more in the mood for snogging than blogging, I imagine I’m snogging with those with whom I’m blogging, and then I get to have my cake and eat it too.

    Just thought you’d all want to know.

    Aaron B

  25. D. Fletcher says:

    Kind of a Seinfeld thing, anybody fantasize about snogging while blogging and jogging?

  26. J. Watkins says:

    Ok, what I want to know is: Who are the three that chose blogging?

  27. From the USU college days:

    getting the sauce
    rhino ruckus
    passing the jam

    WOW! Only three chose blogging. I would have thought it would be about 50-50.

  28. Daylan Darby says:

    According to*

    nuggle and lie in a position where one person faces the back of the others (what some people call spooning)


    (British informal) cuddle and kiss

    Who would have guessed that snog and snogging are so different?

  29. Eh! Steve, comment dit-on “French kiss” en francais?

  30. Holy crud! I think I did more than my share of “soul kissing” before I was married. Do I need to confess this to my bishop?

    I personally liked the mason-dixon thing. Maybe I should wrap my daughters in police tape when they start dating.

    Eeeewww is right, I think that “Doing the Bullride” does not mean what you think it means, Stapley. I think it means a heck of a lot more.

    I’m kind of creeped out by this whole thread!