Summer Seminar on Joseph Smith

Richard Bushman, Professor of History, Emeritus at Columbia University and Terryl Givens, Professor of Literature and Religion at the University of Richmond will conduct a seminar June 19-July 28, 2006 at BYU.  The seminar is entitled “Mormon Thought, 1850 to 1920: Dealing with the Joseph Smith Legacy,” and aims to trace how leaders of the Church dealt with intellectual and spiritual issues following the death of the Prophet.

Further information can be found here; it looks to be a highly interesting event, led by two of the biggest guns in Mormon Studies.


  1. I thought the closure of the Smith Institute might end Bushman’s summer program collaborations with BYU. Good to see he plans to keep them going.

  2. Dave, this is the last one.

  3. The last? The announcement says this continues the series . . . is it resolutely, proactively the last, or is it only the last for which plans are clear? If FARMS is willing to continue hosting . . .

  4. BTW, your PDF file inexplicably switches fonts mid-way.

  5. Steve Evans says:

    Ben, the PDF looks fine to me…. maybe you are reading it with spiritual eyes?

  6. What’s this, Steve? Borrowing my joke? I charge royalties, you know!

  7. Steve Evans says:

    RT, I ain’t payin’ fees to no pseudonym!!